How to open the secret wall in Elden Ring?

A lot of people who play the game Elden Ring have known for a while that there are sometimes hidden walls that lead to new areas. A new discovery, on the other hand, takes this to an even more ridiculous level. People who play Volcano Manor have found a wall in the game. It only comes down when the player hits the wall 50 times.

On Reddit, user Tristam found a wall in Volcano Manor that looked like it wasn’t there at all. If the wall is hit 50 times, it comes down and shows a room. This room belongs to Rya and Knight Bernthal, and it can be found by finding its normal entrance.

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They say that the walls in Volcano Manor don’t work the same as walls that can be broken. There is usually a sound that goes off when a wall like this one does, but in Volcano Manor, it didn’t work.

These walls will also come back if the players choose to rest at a Place of Grace. You don’t know what the reason for this wall is. It might be because monsters live there, and fighting isn’t allowed inside the room itself.

There may be other parts of the game with walls like this, in addition to the traditional illusory walls that are already there. Players will now spread out across the Lands Between again to see if that is indeed the case.

Earlier this week, FromSoftware put out a new patch for Elden Ring. It fixed a lot of problems with the game, added more quest stages, and put in a new NPC. It also made and made some weapons and abilities less powerful and more powerful as well.

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