How to obtain Thunderbrew in Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche’s extremely anticipated RPG Hogwarts Legacy options numerous magical potions, with certainly one of them being the Thunderbrew Potion. There’s one thing oddly satisfying about conjuring up a storm cloud round your character to deal injury to your enemies. Nevertheless, relying on what kind of in-game funds you might have, it could take a while so that you can unlock this potion.

Whereas it solely requires a number of elements to make, you should buy them should you don’t have the time to take action. What precisely does the Thunderbrew Potion do once you devour it, and what does it do for you as a wizard or witch in Hogwarts Legacy?

The right way to unlock the highly effective Thunderbrew in Hogwarts Legacy

Whereas there are a lot of nice potions in Hogwarts Legacy, one of the vital fascinating ones must be Thunderbrew. It takes almost two minutes to craft, however when you’ve drunk it, the results are pretty potent. It basically creates a storm round the one who’s consumed it, with close by enemies being broken and shocked by the storm.

Apparently, this potion is featured in a Hogwarts Legacy quest, Professor Sharp’s Project 2, which requires an Invisibility Potion and Thunderbrew. However the true query is, how are you going to acquire this potion? When you’ve got 1,000 Galleons readily available, you’ll be able to merely run to J. Pippin’s Potions and buy a Thunderbrew for your self to make use of on this quest.


Nevertheless, it is advisable that you just save up a further 200 Galleons and buy the potion’s recipe for 1200 Galleons as an alternative. This fashion, you’ll be able to craft certainly one of these potions at any time when you might have the elements. It may possibly both be crafted within the Potion Station or in your Potions Class.

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Substances for Thunderbrew

  • 1x Leech Juice
  • 1x Shrivelfig Fruit
  • 1x Stench of the Lifeless

The Leech Juice is simple sufficient to find, because it’s one thing we’ve lined earlier than. This ingredient may be obtained close to water our bodies, the place you typically discover leeches. A typically simple spot to search out them is Northeast of Hogwarts. When you’ve got the cash, you can too buy it at J. Pippin’s as effectively.


Stench of the Lifeless is dropped by Inferius at The Collector’s Cave. Merely head to the cave and smash by the undead monsters together with your magic to acquire as a lot Stench of the Lifeless as you want.

Shrivelfig Fruit may be cultivated on the Greenhouse or in The Room of Requirement, however it may be bought as effectively. It’s simply higher to develop your individual, although. You may get a number of Shrivelfig Fruit from a single seed, which may be bought as effectively. Head to Magic Neep in Hogsmeade, the place you should purchase these seeds.

Whilst you solely require Thunderbrew for one mission in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s a helpful potion for fight, particularly should you’re overwhelmed by foes. You possibly can rapidly devour it and stun close by enemies, so that you could get out of the way in which and begin firing off AoE spells. Moreover, it may be helpful in duels should you leap near your opponent and stun them.


Sadly, this potion has no explicit makes use of outdoors of battle, contemplating that it is clearly a fight potion. Seeing because it’s not particularly tough to farm the elements for it, it’s value having a inventory of them readily available should you’re heading into battle.

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