How to master Zarya in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has lastly arrived, bringing new modes, maps, and heroes for the shooter title. It additionally modified the sport to 5v5, with one tank assigned to every crew, shifting the meta. Whereas the methods could differ, Zarya, a tank hero in Overwatch 2 who can deal a ton of harm after mitigating incoming assaults, stays a formidable foe.

Zarya is a tank hero who makes use of her limitations to cut back harm and increase the ability of her major weapon, the Particle Cannon in Overwatch 2. It might probably fireplace projectiles with an extended vary or a short-ranged beam. Zarya possesses two barrier expenses that she will be able to distribute to teammates or herself.

A information to mastering Zarya in Overwatch 2


Her limitations’ harm is transformed into vitality, which will increase the Particle Cannon’s harm output. Her final capability is the Graviton Surge, which fires a projectile that creates a gravity nicely, drawing enemies in and stopping them from leaving.

Zarya’s primary assault’s secondary fireplace launches a small vitality grenade that offers harm in a particular space. Utilizing this close to herself, like different explosives within the recreation, may cause her harm and knock her again barely. She will, nonetheless, benefit from this.

If gamers use secondary fireplace beneath themselves as they leap, they will acquire additional air, permitting them to achieve larger areas. On some maps in Overwatch 2, this can be utilized to climb over partitions or attain larger vantage factors.

Moreover, Zarya’s major fireplace offers considerably extra harm per second than her secondary fireplace, however she have to be extra exact when utilizing it. Though the beam’s measurement grows with Power, she’ll nonetheless want to trace enemies precisely to deal harm with it. Her major fireplace will deal way more harm with a full clip of ammo towards giant or stationary targets than 4 photographs of her secondary fireplace.

Zarya’s protecting Particle Obstacles are her most dear asset, and he or she should at all times keep watch over them. Each of her protecting limitations have a cooldown, so gamers should rigorously select which one to make use of at any given time. They need to normally use her private barrier as a result of it permits them to have extra exact management over how a lot harm she takes and thus how a lot vitality she absorbs.

In some circumstances, she could wish to save a barrier cost for an ally who’s utilizing their Final. Heroes corresponding to Soldier: 76, Genji, Pharah, and Cassidy might be saved by a well-timed barrier throughout their Final. Talk with the crew to find out when the allies will use their Ultimates and maintain a Projected Barrier available for these events.

Moreover, each limitations can be utilized to take away detrimental results corresponding to anti-heal or sluggish. Gamers can use Zarya’s limitations to flee or help allies from Mei’s Final, take away an enemy Ana’s anti-heal, or shield a teammate from Tracer’s Pulse Bomb.


Graviton Surge, Zarya’s Final, is without doubt one of the strongest Ultimates within the recreation, however it have to be coordinated with one other participant to be absolutely efficient. Most harm heroes will profit from the enemy crew being trapped inside Graviton Surge, so coordinate with teammates when the Final is able to fireplace.

Moreover, train excessive warning when launching the Final in Overwatch 2. Graviton Surge fires a projectile, which might be absorbed by talents corresponding to D.Va’s Protection Matrix or averted by Genji. When combating D.Va, use the Final behind her after she’s been knocked out of her mech, or when sure she’s not utilizing Protection Matrix.