How to master Roadhog in Overwatch 2

Tanking in Overwatch 2 is way extra satisfying than tanking in Overwatch. The absence of limitations makes some heroes extra highly effective than others, and Roadhog is definitely one among them.

Roadhog can be utilized in a wide range of methods and is tough to kill. Not solely does he have one of many largest HP swimming pools in Overwatch 2, however he may also deal numerous harm. Naturally, he’s a best choice for all tank gamers within the recreation.

Roadhog’s Final is way extra helpful as a zoning capacity in Overwatch 2


Roadhog boasts a big well being pool and the flexibility to maintain himself in Overwatch 2. Armed with a close-range shotgun, he can hearth a ranged blast that offers numerous harm for a tank. His equipment encourages aggressive play, and never simply because his assaults are best at shut vary.

Roadhog lacks any capacity to straight mitigate harm, relying solely on his massive body to dam harm for his teammates. Nevertheless, he’s expert at eliminating opponents, significantly squishy healers and harm heroes.

Certainly one of Roadhog’s extra interesting traits in Overwatch 2 is his capacity to deal harm rapidly. His scrap gun is deadly, particularly at shut vary. Hooking an enemy and taking pictures them within the face is sufficient to kill most non-tanks.

The hook combo is particularly efficient at slowing down heroes who depend on motion, akin to Tracer and Genji. It additionally permits Roadhog to shut the hole on heroes who excel at vary, akin to Ashe, Bastion, or Soldier 76.

Whereas different tanks, akin to Reinhardt, can defend their teammates by sitting again with a big protect, Roadhog has to battle.

Since Roadhog has no mitigation capacity in Overwatch 2 apart from his heal, being aggressive is one of the best ways to divert consideration away from teammates. Even when a participant would not land each chain hook and scrap gun combo, being within the enemy workforce’s face means they’re going to spend extra time taking pictures him than the healers or harm sellers.

Along with his therapeutic capacity, Roadhog has his personal maintain in-built. This heals roughly 50% of the hero’s well being and reduces the quantity of harm he takes whereas in use. It is higher to make use of this capacity in the midst of a battle moderately than disengaging to heal.

Making it tough for the opposing workforce to disregard Roadhog’s presence is one of the best ways to maintain the warmth off teammates.


Roadhog’s major assault and talent do numerous harm. Nevertheless, his Final capacity does much less harm than one would possibly suppose. That is completely nice, as it is extra helpful as a zoning capacity in Overwatch 2.

The Final lasts just a few seconds, so it might probably preserve enemies at bay for just a few seconds, giving the workforce time to regroup or launch a counter-push. It’s also helpful if the sport is in extra time and when all one must do to win is preserve the opposing workforce away from the aim for just a few seconds.

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