How to master Doomfist in Overwatch 2

Doomfist is now a tank in Overwatch 2, which presents him with some challenges. Regardless of his elevated well being, the nerf to his assault energy makes it troublesome to regulate enemy threats. Nevertheless, a brand new defensive skill, together with a buff to Rocket Punch, opens the door to some helpful combos.

Doomfist continues to be a viable DPS tank, due to his combos, however he is not one of the best defensive tank on the sector, at the least not till Blizzard balances and improves his skills. He’s in an uncommon place as a result of adjustments in Overwatch 2. This text goals to assist new and returning gamers get acquainted with him.

Doomfist continues to be a viable hero regardless of the adjustments he obtained in Overwatch 2


Doomfist’s Hand Cannon skill offers respectable injury, however the hero struggles to complete the job.

Cost Punch stays highly effective if used accurately. It now works even higher, due to a brand new skill that hurries up charging time when Doomfist’s protection ability is used.

Doomfist’s Punch has grow to be weaker and so has his Hand Cannon skill. Nevertheless, when used collectively, the 2 skills make a potent combo. His Punch knocks its goal again and renders them motionless for a quick second, permitting gamers to complete the job with a number of Hand Cannon photographs (assuming their intention is sweet).


Naturally, a Charged Punch offers extra injury, and if he can pin opponents in opposition to the wall, he can deal much more injury. Since charging takes a number of seconds, getting the intention proper is troublesome. The power covers a number of floor, nevertheless it’s finest to make use of it near the goal to extend the possibilities of connecting.

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Doomfist’s new Energy Block skill reduces incoming frontal injury by 80%, which is beneficial in tight corridors however not a lot elsewhere.

This skill, not like Orisa’s, leaves him susceptible to assaults from the facet and behind, so gamers should not cost into an goal zone or open area and anticipate good outcomes. Gamers can use Doomfist in opposition to turrets and characters with restricted flanking skills, similar to D.Va.

Energy Block, however, provides Doomfist’s Punch skill a major enhance, growing its injury and velocity whereas additionally including a stun impact. If gamers have bother utilizing Energy Block defensively, they’ll attempt utilizing the hero as a DPS character and depend on its buffing energy as an alternative.


Seismic Slam is an easier-to-control model of Winston’s Leap skill, offering Doomfist with much-needed crowd management and permitting him to wreak havoc within the enemy ranks. Gamers can crash down the center of a crowd and use Rocket Punch to eradicate weaker enemies or isolate opposing DPS heroes earlier than ending them off with Hand Cannon.

Seismic Slam can be used to get behind an enemy crew and cope with snipers, healers, and quick, squishy DPS characters like Tracer and Genji. Gamers ought to activate the Energy Block skill earlier than utilizing it to supply extra shielding.

No matter Doomfist’s present place within the Overwatch 2 meta, it is clear that he can nonetheless contribute to the crew. He is a superb hero for many who like an aggressive tanking playstyle in Overwatch 2.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh