How to kill all guards unseen

Trendy Warfare 2 marketing campaign is now accessible for early entry, and followers who’ve preordered the sport can check out the brand new narrative earlier than the shooter drops later this week.

Whereas the marketing campaign has a number of distinctive missions, you’ll be able to unlock a number of trophies and achievements in every by finishing the degrees in a sure method. One such achievement is known as “Nessie,” which takes place within the third mission of the marketing campaign, Wetworks.

You play the extent of Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, who’s instructed and assisted by Captain Worth over the comms. It’s a stealth mission the place you’ll be able to undergo the stage weapons blazing. Nevertheless, to unlock the “Nessie” achievement, you’ll have to make your method to the barge with out being seen whereas taking down all of the guards.

It’s fairly a troublesome feat to tug off, making buying the trophy a badge of honor for many who have acquired it efficiently.

The next information will clarify how one can simply purchase the “Nessie” achievement in Trendy Warfare 2.

Unlocking the “Nessie” achievement requires some tact in Trendy Warfare 2


One of many more difficult features of the “Nessie” achievement in Trendy Warfare 2 shall be understanding enemy areas in Wetwork and their patrol patterns.

Some guards shall be patrolling in pairs, as there shall be a complete of 10-12 enemies that you can be required to take out in the course of the mission.

Therefore, to unlock the “Nessie” achievement, you can be first required to:

  • Swim your method towards the primary guard as quickly because the mission begins. You can be required to take down the guard by the ledge utilizing your knife. Then going underwater as soon as once more (in order that the enemies don’t detect you), you’ll strategy the second enemy and take him down equally.
  • You’ll now be capable to purchase a pistol with a silencer and a throwing knife which you should use to make the mission considerably simpler. The pistol is about one-tapping the enemy with headshots and taking them out earlier than they’ve the time to show round and spot you.
  • As you slowly make your method to killing the guards, you’re suggested to keep away from the docks as a lot as doable. Utilizing the boats as cowl will considerably scale back enemy detection and make it simpler to take down the enemies on the remoted patrol boats.
  • You’ll continuously have to make use of the water and the boats as cowl as you make your method to the barge. As soon as you’re there with out being seen and have eliminated all of the enemies, the “Nessie” achievement will unlock in Trendy Warfare 2.

Thankfully, there shall be a variety of checkpoints within the mission, so when you do by chance get detected, you’ll not have to start out the mission over again to unlock the achievement. The “Nessie” trophy is without doubt one of the hardest to unlock in Trendy Warfare 2, which is why many in the neighborhood usually deal with this achievement as a badge of honor.

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