How to get Rock Blaster Sorcery in Elden Ring? Here’s the complete guide!!

If you are wondering how to Rock Blaster Sorcery Elden Ring, then you have landed on the rightmost page.  The Tarnished’s staff is slammed into the ground to generate a magical shockwave with Rock Blaster. Thanks to a patch that drastically increased its efficacy and made it top-tier, the spell has recently been a fan favorite.

Where to Find Rock Blaster Sorcery Elden Ring?

This Elden Ring sorcery may be discovered in a chest in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, but first players must locate it. Thankfully, there are a few other ways to obtain this fantastic magic choice.

Exploring the Caelid area naturally leads to this place, and this is the most common route to the tunnel. From the Site of Grace, head north to discover a ladder and climb up. This will open up a vast cavern with a slew of Digger foes. To go to the next region, follow the right-hand hill.

A storage shed to the left should be denoted by a Prawn Miner standing on it. Drop down from the roof to the platform below after killing or evading the Miner.

The Rock Blaster sorcery is kept in a shed chest that is otherwise empty except for the prize. While this is the most usual route to the treasure, there is another way to go to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

Players can get to the tunnel early in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, which are towards the center of Agheel Lake. A chest in the basement of that region teleports the player to Sellia Crystal Tunnel when opened. This allows them to get to the Rock Blaster early in the run.

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How to Use a Rock Blaster Sorcery Elden Ring?

The Rock Blaster sorcery has become one of the most sought-after options in both PVE and PVP since the 1.04 patch. The sorcery was once thought to be unimpressive, but it is now compared to the famed Comet Azur.

How to get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring

This spell sends a shockwave around the user, inflicting damage on anybody in the vicinity. It can also be held to employ a drilling effect, which causes the victim to take a lot of constant damage until the user runs out of FP.

The most significant modification to sorcery in the most recent patch was an increase in the tool’s hidden poise. This weapon features “hyper armor,” which allows users to provide sustained damage to their opponents at a low cost. Early on, enemies can be enticed into dodging.


Elden Ring’s novel takes on the FromSoft magic system and opens up a world of exciting new possibilities. When it comes to magic, players are spoiled for choice with so many alternatives.

Rock Blaster Sorcery Elden Ring is absolutely fantastic. To add this to their arsenal, players merely need to hike or teleport. We hope you have enjoyed the article and found it interesting and informative.

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