How to get Ritual Shield Talisman in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has a lot of different builds that players can try out. The Ritual Shield Talisman is great for anyone who wants to play a character who is all about health. Builds that use full health stats are usually given extra points for characters who can stay at their maximum HP for a long time.

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This isn’t the only thing that helps you build up your health. Items that belong to the same ritual tree are also on the list of things that belong there. In this guide, the shield version of the sword will let players take more damage when they are first hit. This means that the sword version will help players do more damage.

To get to the talisman, there are a few things that players need to get past. The talisman can be found as soon as players reach the Royal Capital, Leyndell.

The Ritual Shield Talisman can be found in Elden Ring.

Before players can get to Leyndell in Elden Ring and get the Ritual Shield Talisman, they will need to meet a certain level. This level is called the threshold.

In order to get into the city, at least two of the demigods or people who carry shards must be taken out. Two of the four bosses have to be killed in order for the seal that stops you from getting in to get rid of it.

The steps to get the Ritual Shield Talisman:

  • Get into Leyndell and go past the first elevator that takes people down to the ground level.
  • Go to the balcony of the Lost Grace site. Then, head down the steps to the stone dragon, and you’ll be there.
  • Climb the dragon’s wings and go to the area above until you find the next Lost Grace.
  • From this grace, go past the enemies with trumpets and the Gargoyle to reach the winding tree, which is on the other side.
  • To get to the lower level of the Colosseum, there is a branch that goes down. There are a few gladiator enemies on the other side.
  • To protect themselves, players can pick up an amulet that looks like a shield.
  • The city can be reached by running all the way to this place. However, evasion is going to be very important.


Makes Elden Ring safer for the people who wear it. If players have the shield version of the talisman on, they will get a bonus when they try to avoid getting hurt by things like fire. If the player is at full health, they can use the item to reduce 30 percent of the damage they take. It also works well with the sword version of the item. When players get their first shot, they’ll lose that bonus until the health bar is full again.