How to get Kratos’ Undying Pyres Armor set

In God of Warfare Ragnarok, the Timeless Pyres Armor set is awarded to those that persevere in three excessive challenges. The Armor set, on prime of being nice gear for survivability, additionally serves as a badge of honor.

To get the complete set, Kratos wants to finish three of the six Muspelheim trials in a sidequest referred to as The Crucible. These trials will take a look at Kratos’ would possibly and wit. Nonetheless, gamers want to have the ability to attain these arenas within the first place, which additionally requires some work.

In contrast to different armor units, the Timeless Pyres set in God of Warfare Ragnarok doesn’t require any supplies to be crafted. It’s obtained straight as a reward from the trials however may be upgraded with supplies.

Gamers should first get the Muspelheim seed to finish the trials in God of Warfare Ragnarok


The primary seed may be acquired pretty early on. The sidequest or favor often known as “In service of Asgard” requires destroying some mining rigs in Svartalfheim. One of many mining rigs that have to be destroyed is called Modvitnir’s Rig.

The primary half of the seed may be present in a chest close to this rig atop a wall. This aspect quest additionally rewards the participant with Nidavellir armor set, which is a superb discover early on.

The second half may be discovered a bit late within the recreation, after finishing the principle quest, “Forging Future.” Gamers want to move right down to Dragon seashore and use the Draupnir spear to entry a excessive place that results in a chest containing the second half of the Muspelheim seed.

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Finishing Muspelheim trials rewards with Timeless Pyres armor set

Undying Pyre armor (Image via Santa Monica Studios)
Timeless Pyre armor (Picture through Santa Monica Studios)

The Muspelheim trials in God of Warfare Ragnarok take a look at the participant’s ability and wit. Finishing three of the six trials rewards the participant with the Timeless Pyres armor set.

The Shoulder Guard of Timeless Pyres is obtained upon finishing the “Weapon Mastery” trial. This entails defeating 16 enemies in underneath 180 seconds. A few of these enemies are available waves and a few of them may be shielded.

Bracers of Timeless Pyres may be unlocked by being victorious within the “Ring out problem” Muspelheim trial. On this problem, gamers must push a complete of 21 enemies out of the ring and into the lava. Talents which have nice knockback are very efficient on this problem.

Girdle of the Timeless Pyres is awarded to gamers who full the “Inhabitants management” problem. This can be a easy but tough trial as gamers must handle a crowd of weaker enemies with one robust enemy.

The advantages of the Timeless Pyres Armor set

This Armor set is constructed across the Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom abilities in God of Warfare Ragnarok. It offers a fantastic increase to defenses, energy, and runic assaults. The bracers and the girdle provides the participant “Momentus Mastery” which boosts how rapidly Permafrost, Immolation or Maelstrom ability gauges replenish.

The shoulder guard offers the ability “Protecting Momentum,” which supplies Kratos a defend when his ability gauge is full in Ragnarok. Total, this can be a actually highly effective set for gamers attempting to mess around with these abilities. Different very highly effective units may be discovered on this article.

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