How to get Kratos’ Dragon Scaled Armor Set

After finishing Creatures of Prophecy and vanquishing Heimdall in God of Battle Ragnarok, you may endure a collection of Favours in Vanaheim. For those who full all three, you’ll have entry to an unlimited new space in Vanaheim – The Crater. Inside this crater, there are a lot of dragons, dreki, and drakes.

That is key in order for you the most effective armor units within the recreation – The Dragon Scaled Armor Set. It’s additionally hooked up to a trophy if you wish to 100% the sport. Dragon Slayer would require you to craft this armor, which means it’s good to grind via each scaled foe you will get your arms on.

Fortunately, you can begin gathering supplies for this set earlier than you even have them. Nonetheless, as soon as you start dragon looking, you’ll have entry to this set. The next is what it’s good to know concerning the Dragon Scaled Armor Set in God of Battle Ragnarok.

How one can get the mighty Dragon Scaled Armor Set in God of Battle Ragnarok

Necessities for Dragon Scaled Armor Set

  • Full “Scent of Survival” and “Return of the River”
  • Finishing “In The Useless of Night time” is suggested for the reason that combat is a Dreki
  • Full at the least one non-compulsory Dragon Hunt to unlock the sample
  • Farm the supplies to craft the gear
  • Convey supplies to dwarven blacksmiths
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The purpose is to slaughter all of the dragons, drakes, and dreki in The Crater of Vanaheim. You will want to defeat all of the non-compulsory dragon hunts throughout the hidden space of God of Battle Ragnarok.

When you’ve accomplished your first non-compulsory dragon hunt, you’ll have entry to the sample. They require Hacksilver, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Enamel, which drop from the scaled opponents in The Crater. By this level within the recreation, you’ve seemingly killed a number of Dreki, and every drops two Dragon Enamel, and one Dragon Claw.


Dragons additionally drop Hacksilver and two Dragon Claws. On common, drakes reward you with 4 Dragon Enamel. This implies you’ll have an extended, arduous hunt forward of you. However what does it price to craft the default for every bit, and what do they provide you in God of Battle Ragnarok?

Dragon Scaled Breastplate

  • Supplies: 1 Dragon Claw, 2 Dragon Enamel, 14,000 Hacksilver
  • Capacity: Blocks and Parries grant a buff of accelerating Energy and Defence with every stack. Resets when injury is taken

Dragon Scaled Bracers

  • Supplies: 10 Dragon Enamel, 10,000 Hacksilver
  • Capacity: Will increase all protect injury, and profitable Blocks and Parries now deal injury to close by enemies

Dragon Scaled Girdle

  • Supplies: 10 Dragon Enamel, 10,000 Hacksilver
  • Capacity: Will increase all protect injury, and profitable blocks or parries now deal injury to close by enemies


This gear additionally has unbelievable Energy and Defensive stats, making it excellent for brand new gamers or veterans of God of Battle Ragnarok who’re masters of parrying. With the ability to smash enemies to bits along with your protect is extremely satisfying.

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Dragon hunts of Vanaheim

  • The Crimson Dread: Goal of “For Vanaheim” Favour
  • Dreki: Goal of “In The Useless of Night time” Favour
  • The Corpse Eater: Unlocked after “Return of the River” Favour
  • Double Dreki: After going via a spot in a wall on the high of the dam – “What Lies Under.”
  • Slag Horn: Set the time to daytime and take a ship close to Jungle Mystic Gateway. Head north, and earlier than the cave, head east, dock the boat and undergo a spot within the wall. Comply with footprints and get the “Path of Destruction” Favour.
  • Crag Jaw: Obtained after experiencing an earthquake after attending to Sinkhole – “Quaking Hole.”
  • The Ash Tyrant: Comply with the trail east within the Sinkhole and should defend towards a dragon to begin the “The Burning Skies” Favour.


Finishing these and looking any dreki and drake that you will discover in God of Battle Ragnarok will allow you to unlock this armor. It’ll take a big quantity of grinding to improve this armor, nevertheless it’s undoubtedly price it. It’s the most effective fits of armor in the whole recreation, and it appears to be like distinctive.

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