How to get Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring?

Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring is a piece of armor for your legs. It appears to be in the game’s final version and protects the player’s legs by giving them a variety of defensive properties. When it is worn, it also changes the player’s appearance.

Some armor pieces may be available to both men and women, but they may look a little different for each gender. You can get the Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring by following the steps below.

How to get Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring?

Unlike the rest of Fia’s clothes, the Deathbed Smalls isn’t in the game and can’t be found through normal play. So that Fia’s character model can have some clothes to wear, they are only there. You can’t get them for yourself.

Even so, you can still get them if you’re willing to use cheats and play on your own. Basically, Just use Cheat Engine and enjoy your time in horny prison. Items with the ID number 1930300 can be found all over the Internet, and there are cheat tables that can help you change your game.

Deathbed Smalls can’t be found through normal means, but those who get them through cheats or mods still have full stats. Defense and resistance for the Deathbed Smalls:


  • Immunity: 24
  • Robustness: 7
  • Focus: 7
  • Vitality: 66
  • Poise: 1

Damage Negation

  • Physical: 1.5
  • Slash: 1.5
  • Pierce: 1.5
  • Magic: 6.8
  • Fire: 6.5
  • Lightning: 6.8
  • Holy: 72
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Can Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring Cause a Soft Ban?

A lot of people on Reddit say they got a “soft ban” after getting the Deathbed Smalls item from a random online player. When the game came out, FromSoftware took this item out. It was part of the Deathbed Armor Set, which also had the Deathbed Dress.

Now, only the Deathbed Dress is still in the game. A glitch in a game has made it so that the Deathbed Small can only be accessed now.

Because of this, having this item in your inventory makes the game’s anti-cheat system go off. Because of this, the account that has that save file will be soft-banned.

In both of these stories, the Redditors said that they found this item while playing a multiplayer game with other people. This is what one of these gamers, JeSuisLePamplemous, said on Reddit. When they started the game again, they got a message.

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This message said that the game had found out that someone was messing with it. This led to 180 days of quarantine. Those who are in quarantine can only play with or fight against other gamers who are also in quarantine on the internet.

Elden Ring has a weird visual bug that makes the Dark Moon Greatsword even cooler. You can read about it here.

However, the Deathbed Smalls Soft ban in Elden Ring could be fixed with these ideas. It didn’t work if the gamer took off the Deathbed Smalls armor.

How to fix the Deathbed Smalls soft ban?

To avoid getting banned, delete the Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring item right away if you get it online. Then, when you restart the game, don’t put it back in. Although it is not guaranteed to work, reports indicate the game enforces the ban once gamers log in the next time.
If you delete the Deathbed Smalls item, you might not be sure that the anti-cheat solution would not ban you again.

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That’s all about Deathbed Smalls Elden Ring. We hope you have found the guide interesting and helpful. Elden Ring has many cryptic secrets and even memes. Even after weeks since the game launched, gamers are still finding exciting secrets in every corner of the Lands Between. So install the game and add some thrill to your life.