How to get a perfect 33/33 rating in your Ultimate Team squad

The chemistry system in FIFA 23 has undergone a large change as EA Sports activities has launched a brand new mechanism. It is completely different from the older hyperlink function that labored instantly between the playing cards and required the gamers to focus on them. Beneath the brand new system, the place of a card is crucial in a single sense, and unimportant in one other.

As a result of modifications, a participant can have a most of 33 chemistry factors, which instantly breaks down into every card having a complete of three factors. Whereas it isn’t rocket science, it has usually led to confusion amongst players. Furthermore, there’s at all times an opportunity of them going overkill with playing cards from the identical league.

Utilizing all playing cards from the identical league is the best factor to do whereas attaining full chemistry. Nevertheless, many gamers want to understand that they won’t have to do this in FIFA 23 to have a full 33/33 rating for his or her group. In reality, some straightforward workarounds permit them to be rather more versatile.

New chemistry system in FIFA 23 permits extra use of hybrid squads than earlier iterations

The older chemistry system had rather more inflexible necessities when it got here to providing inexperienced hyperlinks. It relied closely on the hyperlinks between the 2 playing cards, and sometimes pressured gamers to choose one that may have had a greater different. Within the new system, playing cards will discover hyperlinks to one another no matter their positions.


As the principle goal is to attain 33/33 chemistry factors, going with a single league is sensible. Nevertheless, getting all of the playing cards from the identical league is overkill, and that is on account of a cap placed on league bonuses. In FIFA 23, chemistry factors rely upon the league, nation, and sure particular circumstances. For the reason that final one is relevant for distinctive playing cards solely, it is higher to focus on the primary two.

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Whereas playing cards belonging to the identical league and/or nation will add to the chemistry factors, bonuses shall be added. These cease at eight playing cards from the identical league, and therefore, going above that quantity will turn out to be redundant to a big extent.


What FIFA 23 gamers ought to do as a substitute is use playing cards in positions that may very well be from completely different leagues however have some widespread chemistry between them. A wholesome mixture makes use of eight playing cards from one league and three from one other. This may permit players to make use of promo playing cards that is perhaps of a special league than their fundamental group.

There are a number of extra ways in which gamers can obtain a 33/33 score. FUT Heroes and Icon playing cards are helpful on this regard as they provide double chemistry factors in comparison with regular ones. The upcoming FUT World Cup Heroes playing cards will seemingly do the identical as effectively.


Supervisor playing cards are additionally fairly helpful as every has its personal league and nationality. They’ll add one chemistry level to all playing cards that match the leagues they belong to, and extra factors if in addition they match their nations.

The only league is arguably the very best wager for newbie FIFA 23 gamers who’re simply beginning their Final Group journey. Nevertheless, it is best to change step by step as they acquire extra expertise with squad constructing and playing cards.