How to find Nidavellir armor set

It’s no shock that God of Warfare Ragnarok has captured many hearts. It’s a testomony to Santa Monica Studio’s dedication to delivering a top quality expertise for its followers.

The sport follows Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they traverse the 9 realms of Norse mythology to stop Ragnarok from taking place. This lengthy and arduous enterprise requires correct preparation. Kratos and Atreus should be adequately geared up to deal with the challenges that lie forward.

Foes could be very formidable, and since God of Warfare Ragnarok has deep RPG parts, gear has develop into integral to scaling the facility of Kratos and Atreus. Armor, particularly, has develop into extremely vital and is usually integral to the development of the sport.

Armor units are a class of substances that contributes closely to the survival of the duo. This text covers the Nidavellir armor set and find out how to get it.

Gamers should participate within the In Service of Asgard facet quest to get the Nidavellir armor set in God of Warfare Ragnarok


The complete Nidavellir armor set in God of Warfare Ragnarok requires six Nidavellir ores to be crafted. To seek out these ores, gamers should search for Raeb, a music-playing dwarf. He could be present in a tavern in Svartalfheim bay.

Upon speaking to this NPC, gamers will obtain a Favor or facet quest referred to as “In Service of Asgard.” The facet quest requires Kratos and Atreus to enterprise out to a few Mining Rigs (Modvitnir’s Rig, Radvinn’s Rig, and Althjof’s Rig) to close them down. Every of those rigs accommodates puzzles, difficult enemies, loot, and expertise.

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Every rig shutdown rewards gamers with Nidavellir ore. The collected ore can then be taken to the Huldra Brothers, who will craft to have them craft the Nidavellir armor set.

What are the advantages that the Nidavellir armor set offers?

The Nidavellir armor set is the best one that God of War Ragnarok players can use in the early game (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
The Nidavellir armor set is the most effective one which God of Warfare Ragnarok gamers can use within the early sport (Picture by way of Santa Monica Studio)

The Nidavellir armor set is right for the early sport in God of Warfare Ragnarok, offering vitality, power, well being regeneration, and strong protection. It begins at stage 2 and boasts higher stats than most different armor units that may be acquired early within the sport.

The armor set provides gamers a ability referred to as Gorgeous Restoration, which restores well being each time they carry out a seize on a shocked enemy.

Usually, enemies in God of Warfare Ragnarok lose the stun build-up on their meter pretty rapidly. Nevertheless, because of the Nidavellir armor set’s Gorgeous Persistence ability, stun meters don’t deplete as rapidly and look ahead to longer.

This makes it simpler for gamers to stun enemies and get successful at mini-bosses. It additionally signifies that gamers can seize shocked enemies and get well their well being extra continuously.

Atreus’ sonic arrows pair rather well with the Nidavellir armor set as they do excessive quantities of stun injury.

The newest providing from Sony and Santa Monica Studio is at the moment out there to play on the PS4 and PS5.

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