How to find Dungeons in Elden Ring?

You want to know where to find all of the dungeons in the Elden Ring, right? In this open-world game, there are a lot of optional areas to go to in every region. This is more than any other game from FromSoftware. These dungeons have a lot of important gear, like healing items and weapons, as well as things you need to open new areas.

It’s hard to get into the dungeons because enemies are waiting to pounce on any adventurers who dare to enter. It’s not just poison darts and gargoyle towers that kill people. Some even have traps that could kill you quickly, like poison darts and gargoyle towers.

Here is a list of all of the Elden Ring dungeons in each region:


  • Instead of going outside, there is a hole to the right that leads to this tutorial area. Toward the northwest of the Church of Elleh, there’s a statue that looks at the dungeon entrance from the top of a hill, and it looks at the dungeon.
  • Groveside Cave is north of the Church of Elleh and east of the Stormfoot Catacombs. The entrance to the cave, which has a guard outside, is by the cliff that is outside the forest.
  • Toward the northwest of Limgrave Lake, in a cliff face, you can find a small entrance to Limgrave Tunnels. The entrance is just northeast of the Church of Elleh.
  • Getting into Murkwater Catacombs can be done by going to the end of a stream that goes up the stream from Limgrave Lake. Beware of an invading hostile NPC that shows up about halfway through.
  • People who disagree with Limgrave live in a cave that is close to the beach in the southwest of Limgrave.
  • Ruins outside Stormgate: There are stairs in the middle of the ruins of a temple.
  • One of them is on the south side of Limgrave Lake.
  • This is the small, ruined town east of Limgrave Lake. To get into the dungeon, you need to use the horse’s double jump to get over the fortifications.
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Hound of Despair In Stormgate, head up the hill as you enter. Then head south when you reach the top. You’ll find a portal gate in a circular arena that is guarded by rock worms if you keep going up the hill and keep going south until you get to Scavenger’s Shack.


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