How to find and solve The Lost Treasury Nornir Chest (Midgard)

God of Struggle Ragnarök contains a mix of motion and journey to supply a brand-new and unforgettable Norse story that’s each thrilling to observe and entertaining to play. God of Struggle Ragnarök is an entire piece of artwork from begin to end, with flawless writing, pitch-perfect performances, and jaw-dropping motion.

It’s the epitome of what a sequel should be, reflecting its major themes and staying true to its illustrious predecessors whereas nonetheless daring to discover new frontiers. God of Struggle Ragnarök is a large accomplishment that units new requirements, making lots of its contemporaries look positively mortal compared to its former iteration.

Nevertheless, many gamers are left scratching their heads with sure puzzles resembling opening sure Chests all through the sport. When Kratos finds Apples of Idunn and Horns of the Blood Meads, he features extra well being and rage from Nornir Chests, also referred to as Rune Chests, that are among the many greatest prizes in God of Struggle Ragnarök.

Every Nornir Chest has a novel puzzle in God of Struggle Ragnarök that requires you to match three rune symbols as a way to open and obtain its present, which in flip makes you extra highly effective whereas providing you with a combating likelihood towards enemies.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough on the way to resolve every Nornir Chest in Midgard.

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God of Struggle Ragnarök Midgard Nornir chest places defined

The Midgard Realm in God of Struggle Ragnarök comprises 4 Nornir Chests, all of which could be discovered starting with Kratos’ preliminary look for the aim of the narrative.

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Listed here are the Midgard Nornir Chest places and the way to resolve every puzzle:

1) Midgard The Misplaced Treasury Nornir Chest puzzle answer and placement

You have to create a path to the within of the Nornir Chest in God of Struggle Ragnarök, which is exterior the Misplaced Treasury door. This path will seem when you full the “Sigrun’s Curse” Favor.

Select the objective The Lost Treasury and go to the Sigurn's Curse (Image via EuroGamer)
Choose the target The Misplaced Treasury and go to the Sigurn’s Curse (Picture through EuroGamer)

The very first thing to do is to shift the big defend that’s in the way in which of the door all the way in which to the appropriate so that you could be use it to ascend to the highest of the Treasury constructing.

Shift shield to open door (Image via EuroGamer)
Shift defend to open door (Picture through EuroGamer)

After that, hurl your axe to clear the trash.

Clear a path with axe (Image via EuroGamer)
Clear a path with axe (Picture through EuroGamer)

Earlier than getting into, be cautious as there are lots of robust enemies ready to assault you. After coping with the adversaries, enter by means of the doorway, and as you come out, look above and spot the preliminary flame to your proper.

Light the first brazier (Image via EuroGamer)
Mild the primary brazier (Picture through EuroGamer)

Clear the trail along with your Sigil Arrows and illuminate it along with your blades of Chaos.

Use the sigil arrows (Image via EuroGamer)
Use the sigil arrows (Picture through EuroGamer)

Return to the Nornir Chest space and slide the defend to the left. This may reveal the second torch.

Light the second Brazier (Image via EuroGamer)
Mild the second Brazier (Picture through EuroGamer)

You have to as soon as once more create a path of Sigil Arrows which is able to mild up, permitting you to finish the second brazier.

Take the help of the Sigil Arrows (Image via EuroGamer)
Take the assistance of the Sigil Arrows (Picture through EuroGamer)

You have to discover a route into the treasury to achieve the third torch, so make completely certain the defend is on the left, climb it to the highest, then transfer the column you uncovered by detonating the objects that have been obstructing the defend’s path to the left.

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Create a path to the Third and final brazier (Image via EuroGamer)
Create a path to the Third and ultimate brazier (Picture through EuroGamer)

Flip the wheel fully to the underside earlier than firing a Sigil Arrow at each of the gears.

Turn the shield fully (Image via EuroGamer)
Flip the defend totally (Picture through EuroGamer)

Throw your axe at one, recollect it, after which throw it on the different gear.

Turn the shield on both sides(Image via EuroGamer)
Flip the defend on either side(Picture through EuroGamer)

Do that for the wheel in entrance of the gate. Rush into the Treasury as quickly as potential earlier than the ice evaporates.

Lastly, break the seal to unlock the Treasury gate (Image via EuroGamer)
Lastly, break the seal to unlock the Treasury gate (Picture through EuroGamer)

When your accomplice is inside, break the silver seal to unlock the treasury gate and allow them to by means of. Then, have them make the most of their Sigil Arrows to kind a line resulting in the third and final torch, which is to the east of the Legendary Chest. Acquire the rewards awaiting you within the Nornir chest. This may assist you to improve your character and struggle foes that could be stronger than your in-game character, providing you with a combating likelihood.

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