How to find and solve The Applecore Nornir Chests (Svartalfheim)

By way of collectibles, The Applecore is a moderately thrilling place in God of Warfare Ragnarok. This is without doubt one of the few locations within the sport that options not one however two Nornir Chests.

Gathering these Nornir Chests might be tough as they’ve elaborate unlock mechanisms. Gamers can discover these chests fairly simply, however to unlock them within the sport, gamers should soar via just a few hoops once in a while.

Typically, there are little to no enemies blocking these chests. So all of it boils all the way down to fixing the puzzles associated to those chests in God of Warfare Ragnarok. This is a fast information on the place to search out these Nornir Chests in The Applecore area and the best way to unlock them.

Unlocking Nornir Chests in God of Warfare Ragnarok


Nornir Chests normally sport certainly one of 4 totally different unlock mechanisms within the sport. The mechanisms are as follows:

  • Destroying three rune tablets.
  • Ringing three bells.
  • Lighting three braziers.
  • Rotating three columns to match the symbols on it with those seen on the Nornir chest.

Every chest within the sport will sport as much as one unlock mechanism from the abovementioned listing. That mentioned, this is the place gamers can discover and unlock each chests in The Applecore space.

The Applecore Nornir Chest 1 location and the best way to unlock it in God of Warfare Ragnarok


Gamers can discover the primary Nornir Chest in The Applecore space of God of Warfare Ragnarok on a platform reverse the mystic gateway. Gamers should take the left path and use the zipline to get to the trail. From there, they should proceed till they arrive to a wall with smoke bellowing out.

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Gamers should throw their Draupnir Spear right here to create a platform that can permit them to succeed in the higher ledge. They are going to then should proceed left once more and soar on some extra ledges till they attain the chest.

The chests on this space have to be unlocked by breaking rune tablets within the neighborhood. Nonetheless, these tablets have to be damaged on the identical time. This is the place Draupnir Spear is useful.

The places of the rune tablets for the primary chest are as follows:

  • Gamers should climb on three consecutive ledges on the fitting to get to the chest after utilizing their Draupnir Spear as a platform. The primary rune might be discovered on the third ledge itself. Gamers want to show round after climbing the third ledge. The rune must be on the left.
  • Gamers will now should impale the rune with their Draupnir Spear, drop down from the three ledges, and make their manner straight.
  • With the Nornir Chest on their proper, gamers will discover the remaining two runes on two suspended platforms in entrance of them.
  • With all three rune tablets impaled, gamers should detonate the spears inflicting all three tablets to blow up on the identical time.

With these three tablets now obliterated from existence, gamers will be capable to entry the primary Nornir Chest in The Applecore area of God of Warfare Ragnarok.

The Applecore Nornir Chest 2 location and the best way to unlock it in God of Warfare Ragnarok


For the second Nornir Chest, gamers should make their manner additional into the world. This one is in an enormous room that gamers can entry via an enormous picket door in an underground dock-like space.

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Gamers should make their manner via this door and switch left. They should throw their Draupnir Spear once more to make it right into a swing bar. Kratos can use this bar to succeed in the upper platform on which the Nornir Chest is situated.

The mechanism for unlocking this chest is kind of much like the earlier one. Listed below are the places of the three runic tablets:

  • Whereas dealing with the Nornir Chest, gamers can see the tip of the platform on their proper. Whereas standing on the edge, gamers should throw their Leviathan Axe on the falling water stream behind the large rock in entrance of them.
  • This could freeze the water and reveal the primary runic pill, which gamers should impale with their Draupnir Spear.
  • With this out of the way in which, gamers want to show again to the Nornir Chest after which go straight with the chest behind them.
  • Inside the primary room on the fitting, gamers will discover the second runic pill. This, too, will have to be impaled with the Draupnir Spear.
  • The ultimate pill is behind a gold pile previous the earlier room.
  • Gamers should shoot an explosive barrel to eliminate this gold pile. This may be performed utilizing the Leviathan Axe or the Blades of Chaos.
  • The ensuing explosion ought to reveal the pill, which might be impaled with the Draupnir Spear.
  • Detonating the spear now ought to trigger all three tablets to blow up on the identical time, unlocking the second Nornir Chest in The Applecore in God of Warfare Ragnarok.
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Each these chests will comprise both an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead, relying upon the sequence by which gamers unlocked it. Each odd-numbered chest has an Idunn Apple, whereas the even-numbered chests have a Horn of Blood Mead. The previous will increase Kratos’ vitality, whereas the latter will increase the dimensions of the Spartan Rage bar in God of Warfare Ragnarok.

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