How to find and solve Raider Hideout Nornir Chest (Midgard)

God of Warfare Ragnarok options Kratos and his son Atreus journeying throughout the 9 Realms looking for a approach to stop Ragnarok. One such realm is Midgard, the human realm and Kratos’ house.

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As with the remainder of the 9 Realms, Midgard additionally presents Kratos with a number of challenges and collectibles to uncover. One such collectible includes the Nornir chests, which reward Kratos with both an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. There are 35 such Nornir chests scattered throughout the 9 Realms, of which Kratos solely must unlock 30 to cap his HP and rage meters.

This information will concentrate on the Nornir chest discovered close to the raider Hideout, in Midgard.

How you can unlock the Raider Hideout Nornir chest in God of Warfare Ragnarok


This explicit Nornir chest requires Kratos to mild up three torches to unlock it.

  • The primary torch might be discovered behind the flowers masking the wall, left of the chest.
  • Destroy the wall and flowers by instructing your companion to shoot arrows at it, when you use your Blades of Chaos.
  • Head again to the center of the room to gather the flaming orb. Convey it again to the cleared space and toss it on the torch to mild it up.
  • Gamers will need to head on again to the center of the room to as soon as once more accumulate the orb of flames. Throw the flames on the gold pile proper of the Nornir chest.
  • After the pile is diminished to rubble, toss one other flaming orb at it to mild up the second torch.
  • Kratos should accumulate one other flaming orb for the third and closing torch.
  • After gathering the flames, head on again to discover a large vacant gap within the room’s heart.
  • Face proper to search out the ultimate torch distant.
  • Instruct Freya to shoot the purple arrows on the goal, after which goal and throw the orb at it.
  • The vary of the hearth orb is elevated and the final torch ought to now ignite.
  • Head again onto the chest which is now able to be unlocked.
  • Unlocking the chest rewards Kratos with both an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead, assuming gamers haven’t but opened 30 Nornir chests prior.
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Who’s Kratos in God of Warfare Ragnarok?

The protagonist of the long-running PlayStation unique, God of Warfare, Kratos is a Spartan from historical Greece. The son of Zeus, he’s a demigod who ascended to turn into the God of Warfare in his homeland, after defeating Ares in a treacherous duel.

Imbued with superhuman power and talents, Kratos exacted revenge on the Olympians and Titans who had wronged him and his household, shortly earlier than fleeing to historical Scandinavia, previous to the occasions of God of Warfare (2018).

Kratos is as soon as once more compelled to resist his previous as a way to save his son, Atreus, in an epic saga that takes place within the Norse mythos.


God of Warfare Ragnarok was launched on November 9, 2022, worldwide for the PlayStation lineup of house consoles.

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