How to find and solve Below Nornir Chest puzzle

The Beneath Nornir Chest puzzle is situated within the Afheim realm in God of Conflict Ragnarok. To succeed in the Beneath space in Alfheim, gamers should proceed via fairly a number of different areas, which embrace the Strond, the Canyons, and the Barrens.

The creators have achieved a wonderful job in introducing a revamped model of the Nornir Chest. These are particular chests unfold all through the 9 realms of God of Conflict Ragnarok that supply two uncommon objects, the Idunn Apple and the Horn of Blood Mead.

Opening a Nornir Chest just isn’t straightforward, nonetheless, as they’re guarded by distinctive puzzles, which require Kratos to both gentle some hidden torches or brazier, These are hidden someplace within the neighborhood of the Nornir Chest, or ring a set of three bells inside the stipulated timeframe.

Whereas some Nornir Chests might be simply noticed, others are hidden inside secret chambers or locked behind doorways. Some are even protected by environmental obstacles.


The Beneath Nornir Chest belongs to the latter class. This specific Nornir Chest just isn’t simply identifiable. Therefore, this information walks via gamers on how you can attain the Beneath Nornir Chest within the Alfheim realm of God of Conflict Ragnarok, and how you can remedy the puzzle defending the chest:

The Beneath Nornir Chest location information and puzzle resolution in God of Conflict Ragnarok

Follow the red horseshoe marker to reach the location of the sole Nornir Chest in The Below (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
Comply with the pink horseshoe marker to achieve the situation of the only real Nornir Chest in The Beneath (Picture by way of Santa Monica Studio)

Earlier than setting off to the situation of the Beneath Nornir Chest, it is necessary for gamers to notice that they have to first full a favor named, “Secret of the Sands” to activate the cave space known as The Beneath.

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Methods to attain The Beneath Nornir Chest

Use the zipline to cross across to the location of the Nornir Chest (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
Use the zipline to cross throughout to the situation of the Nornir Chest (Picture by way of Santa Monica Studio)

The Beneath Nornir Chest is situated behind a closed wood gate proper after the place the place Kratos finishes the Secret of the Sands favor.

To succeed in the Nornir Chest, he should head over to the opposite facet of the locked wood gate by climbing a ledge in entrance of the Nornir Chest space and ultimately flip left to discover a zip line. Kratos should use the zip line to cross the hole in a rocky formation and head over to the opposite facet of the gate.

The Beneath Nornir Chest Puzzle Answer

Location of the third ring to seal inside the cave (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
Location of the third ring to seal contained in the cave (Picture by way of Santa Monica Studio)

As soon as on the opposite facet of the wood gate, gamers can lastly activate the Beneath Nornir Chest puzzle surrounded by purple stones. This specific Nornir Chest presents Kratos with a variation of the hit-the-bell problem, the place as an alternative of hitting all three bells, gamers have to strike three seals with their Leviathan Axe.

Seal 1

The primary seal is situated proper above the chest on high of a cliff. Gamers should use blue-colored leaping factors to rigorously attain the highest of the cliff. As soon as on high, there will probably be a gate situated on the right-hand facet of the cliff. Rush ahead, open the gate and ring the seal as shortly as attainable.

Seal 2

Descend down the cliff with the utmost haste, and return to the Nornir Chest location to seek out the second seal proper subsequent to it. Ring the seal as quickly as attainable. Gamers might select to ring the underside seal earlier than heading over to the seal situated on high of the cliff, the place both strategy works. Right here, we have now advised ringing the tougher one to achieve first earlier than heading over to the simplest one.

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Seal 3

To get to the third seal, open the gate proper subsequent to the Nornir Chest that leads into the cave with a great deal of Twilight stones inside it. Gamers will come throughout the third seal proper after coming into the gate in the direction of the left-hand facet. Ring the third and last seal with the utmost velocity to complete the Beneath Nornir Chest puzzle.

Open the Beneath Nornir Chest to get both an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead as rewards.

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