How to find and solve Alberich Island Nornir Chest (Svartalfheim)

God of Warfare Ragnarok’s Nornir Chests are perfect for enhancing Kratos’ survivability. They provide Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead, that are acquainted gadgets to followers of the franchise. They improve the quantity of well being and rage Kratos has, however every time you improve the quantity, the variety of gadgets required to extend a meter once more will improve.

Nornir Chests will assist in God of Warfare Ragnarok, as every of those will reward one merchandise or the opposite. It’s exhausting to say which reward you’re going to get, as it’s going to alternate every time you unlock one in all these helpful Nornir Chests. Nevertheless, they all the time require a minor puzzle earlier than you get the reward.

This time, nevertheless, the puzzle will get extra sophisticated. As a substitute of lighting fires or throwing your axe at runes, throw your Leviathan Axe at a trio of gongs. Whereas that doesn’t sound sophisticated, you’re additionally on a time restrict.

To make it more difficult, the sport doesn’t present you a timer. You simply need to do it as quick as doable, and hope time doesn’t run out.

Tips on how to unlock the timed Nornir Chest on Alberich Island in God of Warfare Ragnarok

Order to hit the gongs

  • Spinning Goal Gong
  • Crane Gong
  • Gong above Nornir Chest

A substantial amount of Svartalfheim might be explored in the course of the Favor In Service of Asgard. Nevertheless, the northernmost island isn’t. That’s the place you’ll discover this chest. You received’t be coming to this treasure chest till a lot later within the recreation.

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I extremely suggest going to take a look at every rune earlier than trying the puzzle. That approach, you will have a transparent concept of which runes you want to hit, and how you can hit them. Simply don’t journey up and repeat the method twice or thrice.


Earlier than you do something, go to the gong that’s linked to a crane for this God of Warfare Ragnarok puzzle. Use a Sonic Arrow on the inexperienced glowing portion of the crane, and the gong will decrease, so you possibly can hit it. In any other case, it is going to be obfuscated behind a barrier. In the event you head additional down the trail, you’ll see one other hidden gong.

This God of Warfare Ragnarok puzzle piece must be moved by throwing your Leviathan Axe on the spinning panels. You’ll wish to goal the white-colored panels to carry the gate. You must solely need to do it twice.

For that reason, you’ll wish to make this your first goal. Elevate the gate by throwing your Axe on the white panel twice, after which throw the Axe on the gong. Run rapidly to the crane, now that the gong is out there. Throw your Axe once more, nail it, flip and run to the chest. One other extra well-timed toss will unlock the Nornir Chest in God of Warfare Ragnarok.


Whereas it’s not clear how a lot time you will have, it will not be lengthy. In the event you fail, you’ll have to start out over on the panels and lift the gate as soon as extra, as a result of they are going to be lowered once more.

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The precise reward will differ from participant to participant, relying on how diligent they’ve been with Nornir Chests for the reason that rewards all the time alternate from chest to chest. It’s additionally price noting that this island incorporates a Berserker Soul grave, Beigadr the Feared.

Whether or not you battle him now or come again is as much as you. These are among the many hardest fights within the recreation, so remember earlier than you choose that God of Warfare Ragnarok Favor.

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