How to easily obtain the Collector trophy in God of War Ragnarok

It is possible for you to to acquire many trophies as you full the varied challenges and missions in God of Battle Ragnarok. These achievements are a few of the finest methods of showcasing the effort and time you will have put into discovering every part the sport has to supply.

Whereas a variety of these trophies are fairly simple to acquire and attain, there are a sure few which can be extremely tough. In case you are trying to Platinum the sport, you will want to finish a few of the most difficult missions.

One such trophy is the Collector, which would require a variety of effort to finish. As we speak’s information will go over how one can acquire the Collector achievement in God of Battle Ragnarok.

Acquiring the Collector trophy in God of Battle Ragnarok


What makes the Collector achievement fairly tough is that it’s going to require you to get your arms on all of the Relics and Sword Hilts in God of Battle Ragnarok. This implies that you’ll want to finish facet quests and uncover hidden secrets and techniques in all of the Realms to acquire 145 of the gadgets essential to unlock the achievement.

Listed here are the Relics that you’ll want to search out and the way it is possible for you to to acquire them within the sport:

1) Talisman of Meign

That is the very first relic that it is possible for you to to amass throughout the Quest of Tyr in Chapter 2. The merchandise is positioned contained in the Applecore Mine of Svartalfheim and will increase Melee injury when used.

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2) Hilt of Hofud

Obtained solely after defeating Heimdall in God of Battle Ragnarok. The encounter happens within the Deserted Village of Vanaheim throughout the Creatures of Prophecy quest. The merchandise creates a realm Shift upon use and slows time.

3) Hilt of Gram

Obtained from the Legendary Chest current in Alfiem’s Temple of Mild. It will increase the whole Rage Kratos has and in addition stuns enemies upon use.

4) Glaive of Dodher

You will be unable to acquire this earlier than you attain chapter 6, “The Reckoning,” in God of Battle Ragnarok. You’ll need to defeat the boss on the Deserted Village to acquire it. It creates and throws Bifrost Projectiles upon use.

5) Hilt of Angravadall

You may be required to craft the Hilt of Angravadall in God of Battle Ragnarok. Because it’s one of many 4 Relics of the Misplaced Pages, you will want to finish Dessert Door and procure Skirnir’s Gambanteinn to have the ability to make it.

6) Hilt of Diansheilf

Just like the Hilt of Angravadall, the Hilt of Diansheilf is among the 4 Relics of Misplaced Pages. You’ll be able to craft it solely after acquiring the 4 Misplaced Pages first.


7) Hilt of Ridill

You’ll be able to purchase the Relic after finishing the Animal Intuition facet quest. You’ll need to defeat the boss on the Raider Maintain to acquire the Crackle of Bilskinir and craft the Hilt. The Relic will permit Kratos to unleash shockwaves and CC the enemy.

8) Hilt of Tyrfing

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You’ll need Nar’s Cup to acquire this Relic in God of Battle Ragnarok, which you may get as a drop from Blaton. Together with the Cup, you will want the Hilt blueprint, which could be acquired after finishing the Scent of Survival facet quest.

9) Hilt of Forsbrandr

The Hil drops as a reward after defeating Raven Keeper. Nevertheless, to summon the boss, you will want all 48 souls of Odin’s Raven. After doing so, she’s going to ambush you, and you’re going to get an opportunity to defeat her in Neilfheim’s Raven Tree space.

10) Mystical Heirloom

The Heirloom could be obtained from the Lake of 9. You’ll need to make use of the Draupnir spear to interrupt by means of some ice, awaken Slumbering Boss, and defeat them to acquire the Relic.

11) Hilt of Hrotti

You’ll be able to acquire this hilt by defeating Oath Guards, who’re positioned within the Plains. Upon use, it marks a goal, and Kratos’ Runic spells can have a step by step decreasing cooldown when hitting the goal.


12) Huldra Undertaking 9

Solely obtained after the principle story of God of Battle Ragnarok is completed and dusted. You should buy it from the Dwarven store.

13) Motsognir’s Name

Obtained from the Legendary Chest positioned on the very high of Aesir Jail Wreckage in Niflheim.

14) Hilt of Skofnung

Used to summon Berserkers, the hilt could be obtained after defeating Berserker Boss King Hrolf Kraki, who could be positioned in King’s Grave. Nevertheless, earlier than venturing onto the boss, it’s essential to defeat all 12 Berserkers throughout the Realms.

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