How to disable Anti-Cheat in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring comes with Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), a feature designed to combat online cheating, but it can have unintended consequences for everyone else. We’ve heard a lot of complaints about the game’s performance, and it doesn’t even run on Linux because of Valve’s Proton compatibility layer.

You could disconnect your PC from the internet before launching Elden Ring, but it isn’t something everyone wants to do every time they want to play. A temporary option before FromSoftware releases a patch is to turn off EAC entirely.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the steps below to execute the process.

  • Go to the Steam library where Elden Ring got installed.
  • Go to steamapps > ELDEN RING > game.
  • Start protected game.exe should get renamed to anything else. (I added the “_original” to the file name.)
  • Duplicate the Elden ring.exe file.
  • Rename start protected game.exe to the newly created copy.
  • Run the game normally through Steam.

Elden Ring should show a message indicating that offline mode is enabled. You should now be able to play the game without the anti-cheat software active (albeit with a bit less enjoyment), but you will be unable to engage in online play.

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Disabling EAC is necessary to get the game running at all, not just to improve Elden Ring’s performance. As a result of FromSoftware’s failure to provide EAC and Proton working together, the game will refuse to launch when run through Valve’s compatibility layer.

It’s an odd one because Elden Ring gets meant to be ready for Steam Deck. But if the game can’t run with Proton on Linux, it’ll be the same situation on Valve’s new game system. There is a specific Steam Deck build of the game with EAC support. Elden Ring on PC appears to be a mixed bag even with EAC off.

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