How to defeat Valkyrie Gna

God of Struggle Ragnarok, the extremely anticipated sequel to 2018’s God of Struggle, has lastly been launched. Enhancing on each single side of its predecessor, the sport revisits the retired God of Struggle and Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, as he and his son Atreus make one final stand towards the Aesir gods, led by the All-Father himself.

Probably the most memorable end-game content material from the final recreation was looking down the 9 Valkyries scattered throughout the realms. Notably, the Valkyries struggle as an end-game exercise is all however absent from the sequel, as a result of father-and-son duo releasing most of them within the final recreation. Nevertheless, a handful nonetheless stay, both serving below Odin or locked behind sure realms.

The Valkyrie Gna is amongst the few that Kratos will come throughout in God of Struggle Ragnarok. And very like her sisters, she is a formidable opponent and is definitely the toughest boss in the whole recreation. Right here is how gamers can discover Gna and defeat her in God of Struggle Ragnarok.

Observe: This text incorporates main spoilers for God of Struggle Ragnarok and God of Struggle (2018).

The place to seek out Gna in God of Struggle Ragnarok

Gna is positioned in Muspelheim, and gamers can solely face her after finishing all of the trials of Muspheheim. She is as highly effective as the previous queen of the Valkyries Sigrun, while possessing power rivaling that of Freya. She can also be a part of a story quest that arrives after the principle marketing campaign.

Whereas Kratos and Freya initially do not want to hurt Gna, the misguided Valkyrie lunges in the direction of the pair, upon seeing the Vanir goddess. She views Freya as the rationale behind the entire distress her sisters have endured by the hands of Odin. She additionally blames her for everybody leaving the council of Valkyries on the mercy of the All-Father.

After defeating Gna, Freya stops Kratos from executing her and tries to reconcile with the Valkyrie. Gna, nevertheless, insists on getting completed off by the hands of Freya, who reluctantly beheads her.

Tips on how to defeat Valkyrie Gna in God of Struggle Ragnarok

Just like the Valkyrie fights in God of Struggle (2018), Gna prices straight for Kratos and Freya. She often begins with a spinning combo, adopted by a fast lunging assault or wing slash.

The preliminary barrage of combos is definitely avoidable utilizing the Stone Wall defend or the Guardian defend. Moreover, if gamers are good with dodging, they’ll elude her wing assaults and sneak in a number of hits of their very own.


It’s best to principally give attention to the defensive and solely assault when there’s a viable opening. Very similar to another boss struggle, the easiest way to inflict large injury on Gna is by mixing the runic assaults with mild and heavy combos.

The most effective weapon to make use of towards Valkyrie Gna is the Leviathan Axe, because of its uncooked injury potential. Nevertheless, gamers can even use the newly launched Draupnir Spear. Whereas the weapon does much less injury than the Axe, it has slower downtime between combos. Together with the absolutely upgraded Axe, Spear, and Blades, gamers also needs to have one of the best gear, together with the Steinbjorn armor set.

Whereas Gna is simply as aggressive as Sigrun, the Valkyrie queen from God of Struggle (2018), she does not have as many assault variations.

Her common assault sample entails the standard spinning slash paired with the aerial stomp indicated by the Valkyrie disappearing from the display and raining down on Kratos after shouting “For Asgard.” She executes a Bifrost-infused assault combo that’s fairly difficult to each dodge and counter.


What makes the Valkyrie tough in God of Struggle Ragnarok is the huge well being pool, which takes a protracted whereas to whittle down. Due to this fact, gamers ought to depend on runic assaults as the first injury seller and solely use common assaults as gap-closers or combo extenders. The most effective runic assaults towards Gna are as follows:

Leviathan Axe

  • Njord’s Tempest
  • Wrath of the Frost Historic
  • Ivaldi’s Anvil
  • Mists of Helheim
  • Fog of Fimbulwinter

Blades of Chaos

  • Rampage of the Furies
  • Tartarus Rage
  • Nemean Crush
  • Atlas Eruption

Draupnir Spear

  • Mountain Splitter
  • Thrust of a Thousand Troopers
  • Honour the Fallen
  • Artillery of the Ancients


By way of armor, the absolutely upgraded Steinbjorn set is one of the best guess towards the may of Gna. All in all, the end-game Valkyrie struggle in God of Struggle Ragnarok is a fairly enjoyable struggle.

Whereas Gna may not be as highly effective or assorted as Sigrun, she continues to be a formidable foe that can require persistence, talent, and a little bit of luck to beat.

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