How to defeat the Dreki in God of War Ragnarok

Throughout the playtime of God of Conflict Ragnarok, gamers will come throughout a number of foes with boss power and well being bars. Nevertheless, these aren’t important encounters as they don’t seem to be gods however are frustratingly highly effective. Amongst these are the Dreki, which have been first encountered in Svartalfheim.

These mini-bosses will repeatedly seem throughout God of Conflict Ragnarok, primarily alone however sometimes in pairs. They’re huge lizards who can shortly overwhelm gamers with their highly effective jaws and electrical assaults.

The Dreki is a vicious pest in God of Conflict Ragnarok

The phrase Dreki comes from the Center Low German phrase “Drake.” It is basically a kind of lizard, and in God of Conflict Ragnarok, they’ll additionally channel electrical energy. They’re typically battled in shallow waters. These lizards are fast, harmful, and might simply overwhelm Kratos when you aren’t prepared for his or her assaults.


First encounter with the Dreki

The Dreki, upon first showing, can shortly spit a glob of water at Kratos whereas he is charging to fight it, so be fast with the dodge or block. Whereas a lot of its tail swipes and lunges don’t function Yellow Rings (Block Break), the enemy surprises gamers sporadically with it.

Hold Atreus utilizing his Sonic arrows to assist construct hit stun in your melee strikes. It will not stun you whenever you fill the meter within the first battle, however you’ll take some bonus harm. That is a vital side of the struggle all through the sport, although. Within the early phases, you may get one other parry likelihood. The Dreki will transfer away and leap throughout the display screen to chunk Kratos. If it connects, it would chunk down and throw the God of Conflict to the bottom.

Dreki provides an assault

It might comply with this up with one other strike as properly. As you get nearer to 75% well being, it might additionally do a volley of water blasts that shoots out in a cone in entrance of him. It is going to be nearer to 50% at this level within the struggle. The Dreki nonetheless strikes slowly however will lunge abruptly.


AOE Electrical energy

When the Dreki drops under 50%, it would cost up an enormous AOE of electrical energy you wish to dodge or dash out of as quick as potential. That is the place issues get furry for this God of Conflict Ragnarok foe.

It is able to doing back-to-back electrical swimming pools, so hold a great lock on the enemy and prepare to maneuver at a second’s discover if it will get too shut. Whereas nonetheless crackling with electrical energy, the God of Conflict Ragnarok monster will comply with up together with his full-screen lunge so {that a} parry shall be key right here.


Electrical energy has a variety

Round 25% or so, the lizard will begin utilizing a brand new assault. As a substitute of spitting water, it would spit a line of electrical energy that continues to be on the bottom for a number of seconds. You do not wish to be anyplace close to that when it goes down.

The God of Conflict Ragnarok foe turns into extra aggressive, following up the electrical energy line with one other chomp, an unblockable assault, and even one other line of electrical energy with out giving Kratos a lot room to breathe.

One in all its final assaults is an unblockable electrical stomp, smashing the bottom and creating an AOE of vitality round it. When you get its well being to a fraction, you possibly can set off an R3 ending blow.


The final moments of battle

This foe is viable to defeat with each the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos. I used the Axe extra as a result of that is the weapon I am extra comfy with. Regardless of the weapon, you will not be left defenseless towards this God of Conflict Ragnarok enemy.

You can see this foe throughout the realms and primarily alone. Chances are you’ll discover them working collectively in non-obligatory areas, reminiscent of Favours. God of Conflict Ragnarok is now accessible on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, courtesy of Santa Monica Studios.

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