How to defeat Odin in God of War Ragnarok

God of Battle Ragnarok’s ultimate boss in the primary storyline is Odin, the All-Father. A strong, fearsome god, he has a number of methods and assaults that gamers ought to know whereas getting ready to cope with the menace to the entire 9 Realms. He’s confirmed he can’t be trusted, having betrayed and lied to everybody he can, all within the title of getting solutions.

It’s a reasonably prolonged battle, and whereas it may well really feel fairly overwhelming, right here’s every thing it’s essential to know in regards to the ultimate God of Battle Ragnarok boss battle. This can gird you with every thing it’s essential to battle the All-Father and put an finish to his schemes.

Be aware: The next article accommodates video footage of the Odin boss battle in God of Battle Ragnarok, which could be thought of a spoiler. It additionally accommodates spoilers for the overarching story of the sport.

How you can greatest All-Father Odin in God of Battle Ragnarok

God of Battle Ragnarok’s main antagonist already is aware of all your plans. He is aware of you’re coming and what you propose to do. It is because he was posing as Tyr the entire time, spying on Kratos and his allies for your complete recreation. He’s manipulated everybody, killed Thor, and is accountable for the loss of life of Brok.


“Appears to be like like I gotta do every thing round right here…”

Section 1

In contrast to in Remaining Fantasy IV, you may’t merely hit him with Lightning 3 to simply defeat the wielder of Gungnir. You don’t need to battle him alone, although. Kratos and Atreus start the battle towards Odin. He’s fast to make use of a number of wide-arc strikes along with his spear, which can usually observe with a lunge and a blockable strike.

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The ultimate boss of God of Battle Ragnarok can also be eager to observe this up with a Bifrost blast, which you’ll actually wish to keep away from. He might use one other Bifrost blast back-to-back right here as effectively. One other vital facet of this battle is his unblockable ice blast. He’ll transfer backward and fireplace a wave of ice in entrance of him, chilling the bottom and doing vital injury.


Watch: Watch out for the Ice Blasts

He might go to the opposite aspect of the display screen and fireplace this once more. After the Bifrost blasts, he may also do a full-screen knockback, which offers Bifrost injury. If he yells, “Leiptra!” be prepared for a magic missile barrage, which offers Bifrost injury.

He’ll usually do that a number of occasions again to again. It is arduous to keep away from, so be prepared to maneuver. Brjota is the title of one other assault, which knocks Kratos by means of the air. Round 75%, he’ll channel a large Bifrost AOE on the bottom, nevertheless it didn’t appear to go away many locations on the bottom to face. Although it didn’t characteristic a Defend Strike command, it could be a good suggestion to strive.


Watch: Incoming desperation ice blasts

With about 3 pips left on his well being bar in Section 1, the God of Battle Ragnarok antagonist will teleport away from you and fireplace back-to-back ice beams, which have to be averted. On the ultimate pip, you sink your weapon into Odin’s shoulder, considering it’s the tip.

Section 2

“So … was this every thing you hoped for? Was your plan actually all that significantly better than mine?”

Nevertheless, God of Battle Ragnarok’s All-Father binds each Kratos and Atreus, organising Section 2 of the battle. This battle is way from over. Nevertheless, as Odin turned his again, he started choking. Freya introduced her noose that binds them collectively and commenced to magically choke out the God of Battle Ragnarok’s ultimate boss.

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Sadly, Odin was ready and smashed by means of the bottom, the place the subsequent a part of the battle will happen. Odin entreats Loki yet another time to make use of the masks and get the solutions, however as a substitute, Atreus shatters it.


“You select to be nothing?!”

This time, Freya joins in. Odin nearly instantly begins with an unblockable Bifrost assault, so be fast on the dodge. On this part, he additionally teleports and may throw a blockable wave of ravens at you.

He conjures an assault you may protect slam into, interrupting it. It’s an amazing blast of fireside, however if you happen to rush and strike, you may cease it whereas he’s nonetheless spinning his spear round. He may even probably observe up with a blockable after which an unblockable assault. You may cease the unblockable assault if you happen to rush him with strikes rapidly.


Watch: The Bifrost blasts are harmful

The ultimate boss of God of Battle Ragnarok additionally throws blasts of Bifrost at Kratos, then teleports and goes for a blockable strike proper after. You actually have to remain in your toes on this battle.

Round 75%, he’ll nonetheless use his spear as an unblockable whip strike. Purple magic vitality leaps out of the highest of his spear, and he’ll probably do it back-to-back. He may also channel an amazing wave of fireballs whereas making unblockable assaults. In case you get hit, the world goes darkish for a number of moments, making it tougher to see incoming assaults.

Watch: That is Superior Darkness

Nearer to 50%, he’ll do repeated whip strikes into the bottom, dealing waves of Bifrost injury. He’ll additionally do a fast AOE Bifrost knockback on this part, however you may protect strike it down earlier than it’s too late. Transferring him previous 50% will set off one other cutscene.

That is the place issues get irritating in God of Battle Ragnarok. He channels a protect of frost, giving him a full HP bar of harm soaking. He additionally begins taking pictures fireplace blasts. Swap to the Blades of Chaos and put on down that HP protect.

He teleports throughout this a part of the battle and summons fiery meteors that may be averted. Fortunately, he retains his present HP after you put on down his HP protect. He can summon fireballs as soon as once more, however he additionally makes use of a beam of fireside that he slides throughout the display screen. Dodge underneath it to keep away from being ignited.


Watch: Considered one of Odin’s final determined strikes

Across the final pip or two of his well being, he brings again the HP protect yet another time. He combines meteors with fireplace bolts, making for an intense volley of assaults to keep away from. Rush him down and break the protect. All weapons work for this protect since he’s surrounded by Bifrost. I personally used the Leviathan Axe.

That’s it. Benefit from the finish of the sport. Watch the superb cutscenes, the loss of life of Odin, and what lies in retailer for the protagonists of God of Battle Ragnarok.

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