How to defeat King Hrolf

God of Conflict Ragnarok options a number of non-compulsory aspect missions for gamers to take part in. One such quest includes a collection of boss battles towards the Berserkers. It will likely be activated as soon as gamers start the Favor, “Match for a King.”

This information will cowl the ultimate Berserker gamers will face in God of Conflict Ragnarok, King Hrolf.

Notice: This information accommodates minor spoilers for the sport. Reader warning is advisable.

Easy methods to beat King Hrolf in God of Conflict Ragnarok

King Hrolf is the hardest of all of the Berserkers in God of Conflict Ragnarok. Gamers have to be well-equipped to cope with him, and Kratos is beneficial to be at the least at stage 9 earlier than going through him. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to finish this problem post-campaign.


The most effective technique to cope with the assault patterns of King Hrolf is detailed beneath:

  • Half the assaults from King Hrolf are unblockable, and gamers should dodge them.
  • Hrolf can swing his hammer at you when Kratos is near him. This assault is multihit and gamers have to be ready to maintain dodging every assault successively, in the wrong way of the hammer.
  • He’s additionally able to throwing quick bursts of vitality at Kratos. This assault could be completed twice in succession and could be mixed with Block Enviornment to extend its vary throughout the sector. Bounce on the proper second to keep away from being hit by this devastating assault.
  • Hrolf can use a number of long-range assaults at Kratos. One among his assaults includes throwing a double or a quad bolt, which is elementally charged. He may throw these bolts at you in a straight line. Be sure that to dodge these.
  • One other considered one of his strikes is an space of impact assault which may be flame, lightning, or frost of their elemental composition.
  • This space of impact assault is indicated by lit-up zones on the bottom. Steer clear of these zones or use your Draupnir Spear to interrupt his assaults.
  • King Hrolf may use Bifrost vitality and cost up into the skies. This assault is unblockable and have to be handled rapidly. Kratos can throw his axe or detonate the Draupnir Spear at Hrolf to interrupt this assault. This transfer covers your entire area.
  • In one other considered one of his strikes, King Hrolf can conflict his weapons collectively to create a shockwave that flies by the battlefield.
  • This shockwave could be blocked utilizing the Protect Strike capacity of the Onslaught Protect, and it’s extremely beneficial to equip this defend earlier than the battle.
  • Combining runic and spartan rage assaults is vital to successful this battle. Having your companion help you throughout this battle can be essential.
  • Gamers may equip Berserker Armor to decrease cooldowns between blocks.
  • Charged Draupnir Spears are extremely beneficial for long-range interruptible assaults.
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The place can gamers discover King Hrolf?

After defeating all of the Berserkers within the Favor, “Match for a King,” gamers should make their means again to the King’s Grave in Midgard. This quest is a part of Chapter 9, “Phrase of Destiny,” the place one obtains the mysterious “Inert Hilt of Skofnung” that’s used to finish the Berserker trials in God of Conflict Ragnarok.

Proper the place the hunt initially started, gamers can work together with the headstone to summon King Hrolf to battle.

Rewards obtained on defeating King Hrolf


Gamers can acquire the next rewards upon defeating this significantly troublesome foe:

  • 15000 XP for Kratos
  • 3750 XP for Freya
  • Gale Flame
  • Hilt of Skofnung
  • Berserker Armor Set

God of Conflict Ragnarok was launched to essential acclaim worldwide on November 9, 2022, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Professional, and PlayStation 5.

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