How to counter Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2

Hammond, the genetically engineered hamster in Overwatch 2, drives his extremely cell Wrecking Ball mech throughout the battlefield, crushing any enemy who stands in his approach. He does this with an arsenal of weapons and the ability of momentum.

This hamster’s genetic remedy within the Horizon Lunar Colony resulted in him being considerably bigger and smarter. Hammond taught himself engineering and mechanics and escaped to Earth, touchdown within the Australian Outback among the many Junkers.

Subsequently, he transformed his escape pod right into a battle mech often called Wrecking Ball and went on to change into a champion gladiator in addition to the bodyguard of the infamous Junker Queen. This is counter his Wrecking Ball.

Heroes to counter Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2

Heroes like Reinhardt and Zarya needs to be prevented when making an attempt to chase away the Wrecking Ball. When the previous’s crew is moved, they’re stripped bare, and if Zarya is unable to focus on her allies, they must think about using her offensive skills.

Nonetheless, Orisa can be utilized to limit Wrecking Ball’s antics. The latter’s means to maneuver her is thwarted by Fortify. When he makes use of Pile Driver, Javelin will be employed. Furthermore, Javelin Spin goes to come in useful to get him away on the final minute. Outdoors of Orisa’s Final, virtually every part works effectively in opposition to Wrecking Ball so long as you take into account that sources are tied to coping with him.


Sigma, alternatively, bends the foundations however is not horrible at countering Wrecking Ball, as he is slightly extra team-centric. When trying to chase away Wrecking Ball or using one other hero alongside him, use warning with Sigma.

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Tracer is the undisputed king of sentimental countering Overwatch’s favourite hamster. Her mobility is helpful for chasing down a retreating Wrecking Ball after his Adaptive Protect has been burned to take him out.


Whereas Sombra has modified considerably in Overwatch 2, her means to disrupt Wrecking Ball’s cooldown rotation and take away his momentum is invaluable in countering him.

Wrecking Ball requires solely a minor quantity of acceleration to displace folks, and he regularly flies above or round objects, making him a straightforward goal to hack. As Sombra, touchdown a well-timed Hack not solely counters Wrecking Ball however might also lead to some elegant environmental kills.


Ashe goes to wish to anchor a place, and whereas Wrecking Ball is the king of disruption and displacement, she does have her personal instruments. Utilizing Coach Gun to disclaim a Rolling Hamster kill or shoving away a Pile Driver mid-cast can open up choices to inflict harm on the Wrecking Ball.

Ana, who’s in a position to land a clutch Sleep Dart or Biotic Grenade whereas Pile Driving, could be extraordinarily helpful in disrupting the Wrecking Ball’s strikes. She will be able to additionally Nano Enhance an ally, which is all the time a plus. Having stated that, Ana is sort of all the time a sensible choice to counter virtually anybody in Overwatch 2.

Moira’s latest transformation additionally makes quite a lot of sense to make use of right here. Gamers can shortly counter Wrecking Ball with Enfeebling Orb’s 75% harm discount and the mech’s reasonably massive hitbox.


Brigitte’s package in Overwatch 2 performs extraordinarily effectively and customarily manages to counter Wrecking Ball. She will be able to Whip Shot the latter, constantly maintaining Encourage on a goal that thrives in close-range fight. She will be able to additionally purchase a goal to shove away with Protect Bash.

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Brigitte is not for everybody, however for those who’re in search of one thing to decelerate Overwatch 2’s variant of Wrecking Ball, Brigitte is not a foul choice.

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