How to counter Winston in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard Leisure’s newest title, Overwatch 2, is the latest addition to the record of hero-shooter video games launched final month on October 4. The sport got here out as a free-to-play title and rapidly rose in recognition with an enormous surge in participant rely. The sport appears to be like and feels informal however has a critically aggressive component ingrained inside it.

Overwatch 2 options three courses – Tank, Harm, and Help. Winston belongs to the Tank class of heroes who make the most of their hefty builds to change into the workforce’s protect and are often the primary level of contact for the opposing workforce.

Winston has three talents, excluding his main weapon that he makes use of to guard his teammates and take down enemies.

Exploring Winston counter picks in Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2 options all of the earlier heroes and maps from its prequel, Overwatch, with the addition of some new heroes, maps, map pool adjustments, and recreation modes. The publishers launched a couple of steadiness adjustments to all of the heroes and their talents for the migration course of to be extra fluid from the unique 6v6 format to a extra customary 5v5.

Winston is initially from the Horizon Lunar Colony, the place he was born and introduced up by a scientist to study the chances of limitless creativeness. He possesses an extremely excessive mind as a consequence of his genetic modifications and the energy of an precise gorilla that he makes use of in-game to dominate over lobbies.

Winston’s talents in Overwatch 2

Winston firmly believes in a greater future and makes use of his innovations for fight in Blizzard’s newest title. Here’s a record of all his talents with a short clarification.

  • Tesla Cannon (Major Fireplace): Shoots out bolts of electrical energy in a frontal-cone space. It’s short-ranged. Proper-click for a charged vitality shot that may journey additional.
  • Soar Pack (L-Shift): Use to leap ahead rapidly. It might probably harm enemy gamers upon floor contact.
  • Barrier Projector (E): Creates an impenetrable dome protect. Allies can shoot enemies from inside.
  • Primal Rage (Final): Winston releases his animal facet and rampages via the map and might knock again enemies whereas damaging them with melee assaults.
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Winston counters


Winston could also be a Tank hero however has significantly decrease defenses in comparison with others in his class and will be taken down rapidly with the proper technique. Sustaining distance and damaging him constantly or closing the hole to burst him down is crucial.

Here’s a record of the most effective heroes to counter Winston.

Roadhog is a superb counter for melee and close-range heroes like Winston. He can make the most of his close-range weapon to burst out large quantities of harm whereas additionally therapeutic himself whereas actively collaborating within the combat. Roadhog can even pull Winston if he tries to flee along with his hook potential, which additionally inflicts harm.

Ana is a flexible help hero as she will be able to preserve greater than sufficient distance and spam her biotic sniper bullets to an uncovered Winston, who will rapidly draw down his well being. Ought to he take a leap and shut combat, Ana can use her biotic grenade and spam her weapon since Winston is simpler to hit.


Junkrat is an precise annoyance in the complete Overwatch 2 recreation. He’s a standing counter to each tank that exists since he can preserve spamming explosives from a secure distance and likewise has the means to evade hazard rapidly. Junkrat can place metal traps that may immobilize Winston, making him a sitting duck to be killed.

Moira is a help hero who will be performed each defensively and offensively. Winston doesn’t have a lot potential to discourage a Moira participant ought to they mato shut the gap between them drastically. Moira additionally possesses an evasion potential to assist the participant rapidly reposition and retreat from dangerous conditions.

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This text sums up a number of the most effective counters for Winston in Overwatch 2. Comply with Sportskeeda for extra hero counters and guides for Overwatch 2.

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