How to counter Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has taken the first-person shooter trade by storm by making a comeback after its long-running predecessor, Overwatch, got here out in 2016. Followers of the favored hero-shooter have been extraordinarily enthusiastic about Blizzard releasing the sequel and making it free-to-play for extra gamers to take pleasure in.

Overwatch 2 consists of a wide range of heroes for gamers to select from. They possess distinctive talents that promote completely different playstyles, so avid gamers can choose a personality that fits them probably the most. Amongst all of the heroes, Soldier 76 has been within the listing of the most well-liked characters from the sport.

This text will undergo a number of ideas and tips that gamers can apply of their ranked queue to counter the DPS hero.

Why Soldier 76 is among the finest DPS heroes in Overwatch 2


To start with, Soldier 76 brings quite a bit to the desk as a DPS hero that many from his class don’t. He has the flexibility to deploy a Biotic Area that may heal him and his close by teammates. This energy itself makes him a versatile character that may be laborious to go towards.

Soldier 76’s Pulse Rifle can also be a reasonably quick weapon that comes with an connected rocket launcher, which may mainly two-shot some heroes with low armor.

With that being mentioned, he isn’t not possible to counter in any respect. His well being and function retains him at a drawback towards lots of heroes that may nook him in lots of conditions. The offense-focused character might be taken down by tanks and different DPS roles who excel at dealing injury.

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Soldier 76’s talents in Overwatch 2


Soldier 76 makes use of a Pulse Rifle that may deal a average quantity of injury however is a shredding machine towards heroes with low well being. He excels at taking ranged gunfights and pushing the target with most effectivity. Talked about beneath are his talents from Overwatch 2:

  • Heavy Pulse Rife: The automated assault rifle can hearth pulse photographs at enemies and may injury them severely.
  • Dash: Soldier 76 has a novel sprinting skill that helps him transfer quicker. This makes him very simple to select up for gamers coming from an FPS background.
  • Biotic Area: Upon deploying, the gadget takes up a small space and delivers heals to Soldier 76 and his teammates.
  • Helix Rockets: Connected to his pulse rifle, these rockets deal explosive injury on hitting enemies.
  • Tactical Visor (Final): The Final skill that helps Soldier 76 to robotically goal at targets in his Visor.

4 heroes to select when going up towards Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2


Soldier 76 participant might be extraordinarily laborious to go up towards. With that being mentioned, veterans are usually not laborious to cope with if the opposition brings the right heroes to the battlefield. The Helix Rockets and Biotic Fields might be annoyances, however there are others who can cope with his speedy firing in Overwatch 2.

Here’s a listing of characters that it is best to choose to counter Soldier 76:

Genji is a wonderful counter-pick for Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2. His Deflect skill can simply ship again any photographs that somebody fires at him. This makes him extraordinarily highly effective towards Soldier 76. His Cyber-Agility additionally retains him always when dodging the enemy’s line of sight.

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Cassidy additionally excels at countering Soldier 76 along with his agile talents and tips. He possesses a Magnetic Grenade that houses in on a close-by enemy and offers injury if it sticks to them. This skill alone is an important a part of his package to carry down enemies in plain sight.


With that being mentioned, Mei can also be an distinctive counter towards Soldier 76 in lots of cases. Her Ice Wall may also help the complete group to shortly get out of the DPS hero’s sight and relocate. She additionally brings the Blizzard Final that may freeze an aggressive Soldier 76.

Lastly, a very good Roadhog generally is a nightmare for a Soldier 76. Its Chain Hook can carry the DPS character to the bottom, the place he would have nowhere to run to. Paired along with his Scrap Gun, Soldier 76’s participant must be exceptionally gifted to both escape the gaze or kill the Roadhog.

These are a couple of heroes that gamers can choose to counter the favored DPS character, Soldier 76. Whereas there are others who additionally excel at taking him down, the aforementioned characters might be environment friendly whereas doing so.

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