How to counter Mercy in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is the most recent sport on the block for the hero-shooter style launched by Blizzard on October 4. The sport was launched as a continuation of the legacy of its prequel Overwatch, which got here out in 2016 and have become some of the common esports titles.

The sport has three classes of heroes – Tank, Harm, and Assist. Mercy is a assist hero who is likely one of the unique healers from Overwatch and the one hero who can deliver her teammates again to life.

Mercy has a complete of 4 skills that make her the cardinal assist in any sport mode.

Overwatch 2’s Mercy is a devoted healer


Blizzard Leisure has made a couple of adjustments to all of the heroes from the prequel for it to easily migrate over to the brand new title and match into the brand new 5v5 match format reasonably than Overwatch’s unique 6v6 format.

Mercy is a devoted healer who can’t immediately deal injury to her enemies however as an alternative aids teammates in combating rigorously and has limitless therapeutic and injury boosts. Her capability to consistently present assist takes a powerful psychological fortitude as she herself doesn’t inherently possess any defensive or evasion skills.

Mercy’s skills in Overwatch 2


Earlier than understanding about Mercy’s counters, it is very important notice her skills. She is nearly the personification of an angel, who helps out in battles and guides her allies to victory. Here’s a record of all her skills with a quick description.

  • Caduceus Employees (Main): Left click on to heal allies and proper click on to amplify outgoing injury from allies.
  • Caduceus Blaster (Secondary): Computerized pistol.
  • Guardian Angel (L-Shift): Mercy can shortly sprint towards teammates and go airborne for a brief length to keep away from enemy hearth.
  • Resurrect (E): Revive teammates earlier than the timer runs out after they’re killed.
  • Angelic Descent (Spacebar): Passive capability to glide whereas falling from top.
  • Valkyrie (Final): Mercy can fly for the whole length of this capability and all her skills are amplified.

4 heroes can counter Mercy in any sport mode


Taking down a Mercy is just not a job that requires any particular talent set however turns into tough when the whole opposing workforce rallies to guard their healer. Good Mercy gamers could be surprisingly agile in relocating themselves behind teammates’ safety.

Here’s a record of heroes who can counter Mercy in any sport mode.

  • Widowmaker
  • Winston
  • Roadhog
  • Sojourn

Widowmaker is a superb counter for any Overwatch 2 hero able to evasion by way of flight skills or who can stay airborne. These flying heroes are nothing however mere targets in clear sight for a Widowmaker participant. Mercy is a fragile hero who can passively heal until she takes a headshot and has to respawn.

Winston has a novel weapon that may injury a number of enemies in a conical area in entrance of him however compensates with a shorter-range unfold. This tank can shortly leap in direction of Mercy and take her down by chasing and pure well being factors distinction.


Roadhog is a good Mercy counter as nicely, as he can inflict massive quantities of injury at shut vary. He’s able to pulling fragile enemy heroes shut and even one shot a few of them, Mercy being one on that record.

Sojourn can also be a direct counter for Mercy in Overwatch 2 as she makes use of an automated weapon that may do burst injury to knock off flying heroes fairly simply. She will be able to additionally carry out tremendous slides and a really excessive leap that may be utilized to get forward of Mercy gamers.


These had been one of the best heroes that might clip the wings of Mercy in Overwatch 2 and cease her from repeatedly therapeutic her allies and basically immortalizing them for the remainder of the sport.

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