How to counter Mei in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard Leisure’s newest jab on the hero-shooter style, with the title being the sequel of its long-running predecessor, Overwatch, within the esports scene. The sport boasts a large group of followers and supporters throughout the globe who get pleasure from this dominant first-person shooter expertise.

The sport includes a whole of three lessons – Tank, Injury, and Assist. Mei is an unconventional injury hero with a few of the most original skills in Overwatch 2 that make her the Ice Queen in any mode. She hails from Xi’an, China in accordance with the Overwatch lore.

Mei has a complete of three skills excluding her main weapon, which permits her to outlive on the battlefield longer than most heroes can on their very own.

Overwatch 2 Mei counter-picks


Overwatch 2 has carried over all of the previous heroes and maps, with Blizzard introducing minor adjustments and tweaks to all characters. This has helped them to transition easily and match higher within the 5v5 format, which is completely different from the unique 6v6 that was in its prequel.

Mei is a injury hero who makes use of the ability of freezing chilly water that may negatively have an effect on the enemy hero’s motion velocity. She will be able to immobilize them with frostbite, making them a simple goal to be taken down inside seconds.

Mei’s skills in Overwatch 2


Mei makes use of a main weapon that may freeze enemies at shut vary and likewise offers with long-range fights with exact mechanical purpose. Here’s a checklist of all her skills with a quick description.

  • Endothermic Blaster (Major Hearth): Mei can shoot out a managed spray that slows down enemy heroes.
  • Endothermic Blaster (Secondary Hearth): The identical weapon can fireplace a charged shot at longer ranges that may closely injury enemies.
  • Cryo-Freeze (L-Shift): She will be able to freeze herself and develop into invulnerable to incoming injury, healin herself whereas within the frozen state.
  • Ice Wall (E): Mei can create a wall of ice at a chosen location in entrance of her that breaks after taking sure injury or after a brief period.
  • Blizzard (Final): Launches a weather-control drone that freezes enemies within the efficient vary and is a big area-based potential.
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Mei counters


Mei shouldn’t be the strongest hero however generally is a persistent damage-dealer when correctly protected and performed. She will be able to shortly goal a couple of enemy and likewise block flank routes to take down estranged heroes on the map.

Listed here are the simplest Overwatch 2 heroes who can take Mei down in any sport mode.

  • Pharah
  • Sombra
  • Widowmaker
  • Soldier 76

Pharah is an effective counter to Mei as she will be able to keep airborne for a very long time. This helps her preserve distance from Mei’s main weapon and shoot her down with the rocket launcher. She will be able to moreover scale up Mei’s wall and consistently apply strain on the enemy crew.

Sombra is a good counter for Mei as she will be able to go behind enemy traces with out being detected. She will be able to silence the latter’s skills, making her only a squishy goal making an attempt to get into cowl or retreat in the direction of her teammates. Sombra can even shortly reposition herself to security ought to Mei overpower her, and try to take her down once more after rejuvenating.


Widowmaker can take down Mei with a single clear headshot from a really lengthy distance. She will be able to additionally spam just a few pictures at Mei to power her to make use of her cryo potential to heal, which makes her a nonetheless goal as quickly as she will get out of the frozen state.

Soldier 76 is an aggressive reply to Mei’s freezing skills. He can heal himself together with his biotic subject and dive in to take down Mei with common bullets in addition to a clear hit from the Helix Rockets. He can even dash and canopy extra space whereas taking Mei down from exterior her main weapon’s vary.

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These have been a few of the finest Overwatch 2 heroes to take care of Mei and get rid of her annoying potential to decelerate your entire crew’s progress. These heroes are additionally what a participant utilizing Mei ought to look out for whereas taking a head-on struggle with the enemy crew.

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