How to counter Kikiro in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has fairly just a few heroes that gamers can experiment with within the sport. These heroes belong to a few courses: Tank, Harm, and Assist.

Tanks are able to absorbing plenty of incoming fireplace, Harm heroes can dish out plenty of injury fairly shortly, and Assist heroes excel at preserving their teammates alive.

Kikiro is a Assist hero in Overwatch 2. Aided by her Kitsune spirit, she educated with Genji and Hanzo throughout her formative days. She’s received an attention-grabbing talent set that can be utilized to harass and disrupt the enemy workforce.

Exploring Kikiro’s skills and counter picks in Overwatch 2


As talked about above, Kikiro is principally a Assist hero. As a Assist, Kikiro’s main goal is to guarantee that her teammates survive the enemy onslaught. In robust conditions, nevertheless, Kikiro may also go on the offensive and injury her enemies as nicely, however she’s greatest utilized in a healer function.

That stated, Kikiro would not have plenty of well being, so she often must maintain her distance from the enemy. The best approach to progress with Kikiro could be to pair her up with both a Tank or a Harm-type hero. They will go on a rampage whereas Kikiro retains therapeutic them. It is a good synergy that advantages each heroes on the identical time. Having stated that, here is a fast rundown of the abilities that she brings into battle in Overwatch 2.

Kikiro’s skills in Overwatch 2


Since she is a Assist hero, Kikiro is able to therapeutic her teammates and rising their survivability.

Therapeutic Ofuda (Major Fireplace): That is Kikiro’s main fireplace. Her Therapeutic Ofuda has a spread of 35 meters and might heal 13 HP per talisman.

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Kunai (Secondary Fireplace): Kikiro’s Kunai offers round 72.72 injury per second, and so they journey at a pace of 90 m/s.

Wall Climb (Passive Potential): Kikiro can scale up partitions by leaping in direction of them.

Swift Step: When Swift Step is triggered, Kikiro can teleport on to any ally. This potential works by way of partitions as nicely. Nevertheless, the power has a cooldown of seven seconds.

Safety Suzu: Safety Suzu heals allies and removes most debuffs from them. It has a cooldown of 14 seconds.

Kitsune Rush: That is Kikiro’s final that summons the fox spirit. Allies who observe this fox will obtain a lift to their motion and assault pace. Their potential cooldowns may even be decreased.

Kikiro’s counters


Kikiro is a hero that loves taking part in from the backlines. One of the simplest ways to remove her could be by closing in on the space from her. That stated, listed here are a few of the heroes that can be utilized to counter the little fox:

  • Widowmaker
  • Bastion
  • Genji
  • Winston

Widowmaker might be the very best counter to Kikiro in Overwatch 2. Since this hero offers injury with a sniper rifle, she will simply bag a headshot to remove Kikiro with out having to fret about her Kunais an excessive amount of.

Genji’s pace additionally makes him a viable alternative in opposition to Kikiro. Swift Step is Kikiro’s greatest asset, so she will not often discover herself in lots of 1v1 conditions. Genji can simply shut the hole together with his sheer pace and take Kikiro out. Bastion can shred by way of Kikiro due to her small well being pool, and Winston is a Tank with a excessive injury output capability that may simply threaten Kikiro.

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