How to counter Echo in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard’s newest hero-shooter title, Overwatch 2, was launched on October 4 as a free-to-play recreation. The publishers stay up for persevering with the legacy of the sport’s prequel, Overwatch, which got here out in 2016 and have become one of the vital dominant esports titles.

Overwatch 2 has three lessons – Tank, Injury, and Assist – and Echo is a harm hero with one of the vital futuristic and fluid character designs. Initially from Switzerland, based on Overwatch lore, Echo can make the most of her talents to stay airborne briefly.

Echo has 5 talents, excluding the first hearth, that permits this hero to output important quantities of injury.

Overwatch 2: Echo’s talents and counter picks


Echo is among the many heroes carried over to Overwatch 2 with just a few tweaks and adjustments to settle them in with the brand new atmosphere. These adjustments had been additionally essential because the publishers determined to choose for the standard 5v5 format from the earlier model’s 6v6.

Echo is a hero who’s fragile when she is by herself towards most enemy heroes and therefore, requires help all through many of the recreation. It’s smart to play alongside tanks and a assist hero always and contribute by purely dealing harm to enemy heroes repeatedly.

Echo’s talents in Overwatch


Echo makes use of her physique power as her major weapon and different types of her personal power that may shortly take away chunks of the enemy’s well being. Here’s a record of all her talents with a quick description:

  • Tri-Shot (Major Hearth): Echo shoots power bullets out of her hand itself in a burst of threes and a triangular sample.
  • Sticky Bombs (Secondary Hearth): Echo shoots out a variety of sticky explosives that may connect themselves to enemy heroes and map buildings. They explode after a brief delay.
  • Flight (L-Shift): Activate to shortly transfer ahead for a small distance after which Echo can shortly go airborne.
  • Focusing Beam (E): Echo can shoot out a beam of pure power that may be redirected by transferring the crosshairs.
  • Duplicate (Final): Echo can turn into the right copy of an enemy hero and use their talents. It’s period based mostly and will be shot to destroy the copied kind.
  • Glide (Passive): Echo can descend from heights slowly with this passive capability.
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Echo counters


Echo is the toughest hero to unlock by challenges, as she requires a complete of 150 wins to turn into accessible within the hero pool of latest gamers. She is inherently robust however is squishy sufficient to be taken down by virtually all heroes.

Here’s a record of all of the heroes who can counter Echo in Overwatch 2:

Sombra is nice for disabling motion characters as she will make the most of her invisibility to go behind the harm sellers and harm them. Echo is a frail hero, so Sombra’s SMG weapon is greater than sufficient to take her down whereas her mobility is compromised.

Widowmaker is a direct counter for each hero who has the flexibility to go airborne. Her sniper will enable gamers to isolate and land a headshot on Echo every time she tries to evade enemies together with her flight capability.


D.Va is a superb damage-dealing tank that may additionally use her talents to fly for a short while. It’s the good counter for Echo as D.Va can neutralize incoming projectiles and cost in the direction of her and burst down harm at shut vary.

Ana is one other sniper consumer however falls beneath Overwatch 2’s assist class who can successfully take down Echo from a distance with ease. Her biotic bullets are able to ticking down an airborne Echo with simply 3 or 4 photographs to the pinnacle whereas additionally offering assist to the crew mid-fight.


These had been the most effective heroes that would shut down Echo and finish the flying white terror for the complete crew. Sustain with Sportskeeda as we observe up with extra hero counters and guides for Overwatch 2.