How to counter Ashe in Overwatch 2

Ashe is a Harm hero in Overwatch 2, and in accordance with the sport’s lore, she is the chief of the Impasse Gang and a recognized entity within the felony underworld. She packs a strong punch with two weapons, explosives, and a reliable sidekick.

Ashe is a relatively straightforward hero to study, however mastering her is a special story solely. She makes use of a number of commonplace skills that may show to be deadly when used effectively. The training curve for the character is light at first however will get steep as gamers transfer up the ranks.

Ashe has a complete of three skills (excluding her major hearth) that she will use to take down opponents on the battlefield.

Overwatch 2 Ashe counter picks


Overwatch 2 retains all the older heroes and maps that had been current in its predecessor and likewise contains extra content material like new heroes, maps, and sport modes. The builders determined to change the sport format from its unique 6v6 format to a extra commonplace 5v5 format, which referred to as for a couple of steadiness adjustments to all of the heroes and maps to make sure a easy transition.

Ashe is a hero who will not be afraid of taking over a battle and might face adversity whereas combating to outlive. A participant’s resourcefulness and presence of thoughts are essential elements when selecting her since her lethality comes at the price of longer cooldowns on her skills.

Ashe’s skills in Overwatch 2


Ashe makes use of primary weapons and explosives that assist her take down heroes from a distance. Moreover, she additionally has the flexibility to shortly deter any enemy hero who decides to push shut and struggle her upfront. Here’s a listing of all her skills:

  • The Viper (Main Fireplace): Use a semi-automatic weapon that can be utilized as a sniper by holding right-click to activate the zoom lens.
  • Coach Gun (L-Shift): Use a short-range shotgun that knocks again enemies and pushes Ashe away from the blast.
  • Dynamite (E): Throw a stick of dynamite that explodes after a delay. Shoot the dynamite to make it explode instantly.
  • B.O.B (Final): Deploy Bob on the battlefield. He can knock enemies into the air and shoot them down together with his hand cannons.

Ashe counters


Ashe is fragile to compensate for the absurd quantity of harm she will inflict on her enemies in a really brief period of time. She is a hero who wants help all through the match to carry out her duties and never be focused by the opposing crew.

Listed here are the perfect counter picks that may shut Ashe down:

  • Widowmaker
  • Tracer
  • Reinhardt
  • Sombra

Widowmaker is a powerful Overwatch 2 sniper who can take away Ashe from the equation with one clear and charged headshot. She will additionally shortly transfer herself to a different location or get nearer to Ashe and burst her down with an automated rifle and poison traps.

Tracer is among the most agile Harm characters in Overwatch 2 and is able to complicated enemies whereas inflicting steady harm on them. She will shortly observe down Ashe and take her out with out giving the enemy crew an opportunity to react or retaliate.


Reinhardt is a staple Tank hero within the sport and is among the greatest on the subject of blocking projectiles. He can cost in Ashe’s route and pin her to a wall or different map construction. A couple of swings from his rocket hammer will shortly take down Ashe and ship her again to respawn.

Sombra is a deadly Harm hero who makes a speciality of breaching the enemy’s line of protection. She will flip invisible and shortly discover a route to look behind all the opposing crew and an unsuspecting Ashe. She will then silence Ashe’s skills and burst her down together with her SMG weapon to safe a straightforward kill.

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