How to complete Phoenix Rising side quest

Hogwarts Legacy is crammed with magical beasts. From Hippogriffs to Diricrawls, gamers will come throughout loads of these animals and be capable of tame most of them.

Whereas they’ll principally take care of the continuing risk of a goblin riot, poaching is kind of rampant within the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy as nicely. To make sure the security of the magical beasts, gamers can catch them after which increase them inside Vivariums within the Room of Requirement.

There are some aspect quests devoted to capturing these beasts. Phoenix Rising is one such mission, and this is how gamers can full it.

The place to discover a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy


Because the identify suggests, you will need to discover and rescue the legendary immortal hen within the Phoenix Rising quest. It may be picked up from Deek, the home elf, within the Room of Requirement. As soon as it’s began, it is possible for you to to see a marker for the hunt on their map. This is what you might want to do after that:

  1. You’ll have to get to the cave that’s excessive up within the mountains. Since you’ll be able to’t fly to the mountains from the fort in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have to cross the Coastal Cavern on foot. You will not lose your path if you happen to preserve following the Phoenix Rising quest marker.
  2. If you move by means of the caverns and the mines, you would possibly come throughout some goblins and trolls. You possibly can both sneak previous or eradicate them.
  3. If you exit the mines, you will discover a Floo Flames station there, often known as the North Poidsear Coast. From there, you should use your mount or broom to fly to the doorway of the cave.
  4. On the mouth, you will discover one more Floo Flames station. This space is named the Phoenix Mountain Cave.
  5. There are loads of hazard indicators on the entrance, however you’ll have to enter the cave anyway.
  6. After you enter it, you will discover that the trail ahead is blocked off. You possibly can break this barricade with any injury spell.
  7. As you retain shifting by means of the cave, you will come throughout some poachers. Defeat them earlier than persevering with ahead.
  8. You’ll then come throughout one other blocked pathway after you defeat the primary set of poachers. Break this blockade and make your method by means of the cave till you come throughout a stone doorway.
  9. This entrance results in a room with one more poacher inside. Defeat him and you can proceed to the following room, which has two giant cogwheels. You may catch a glimpse of the Phoenix there.
  10. The hen will fly off and you’ll have to proceed making your method by means of the cave till you come to a big room. A bunch of poachers will spawn there, and you’ll have to defeat them earlier than you’ll be able to proceed to the following room.
  11. After you’ve got defeated them, solid Revelio to disclose a breakable wall inside the room. Break and preserve making your method by means of the cave until you ascend to the highest.
  12. As soon as there, the Phoenix will lastly quiet down and it is possible for you to to catch it and produce it again to Deek within the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy.

When you’re again within the Room of Requirement and have let the immortal hen out of the Nab-Sack, the Phoenix Rising quest in Hogwarts Legacy will likely be accomplished.

As you make your method by means of the Phoenix Mountain Cave, you’ll come throughout loads of components just like the Horklump. Not solely that, additionally, you will discover some Moonstone deposits you can gather.

As soon as the Phoenix is positioned safely within the Room of Requirement, it is possible for you to to tame it and farm Phoenix Feathers from it in Hogwarts Legacy.

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