How to complete Nine Realms in Bloom Favor

God of Conflict Ragnarok, the sequel that followers have been ready to get their fingers on for the final 4 years, is lastly out and delivers an equally, if not much more, participating narrative than its prequel. The God of Conflict sequence has by no means been about aspect content material or non-obligatory quests, and adopted a linear development akin to most character motion video games reminiscent of Bayonetta and Satan Might Cry, stuffed with numerous set-piece moments and boss fights.

Nonetheless, with God of Conflict (2018), developer Santa Monica Studio took the sequence in the direction of a extra action-adventure oriented development, stuffed with loads of aspect content material, non-obligatory quests, and huge stretches of explorable areas. The sport supplied a number of end-game questlines, together with some really difficult boss fights and exploration segments throughout the totally different Norse realms.

Very similar to its prequel, God of Conflict Ragnarok additionally follows a non-linear development construction, providing a number of aspect content material actions for gamers to finish. One such non-obligatory questline (or Favor) is ‘9 Realms in Bloom,’ which sees Kratos and his companion exploring the in-game world searching for mystical flowers.

Observe: This text incorporates minor spoilers for God of Conflict Ragnarok.

The 9 Realms in Bloom Favor sees Kratos and Freya journey to the eight explorable realms in God of Conflict Ragnarok in seek for mystical flowers

The Favor – 9 Realms in Bloom is definitely probably the most enjoyable aspect quest in God of Conflict Ragnarok, fully devoid of any fight or enemy encounter. Whereas it might really feel counter-intuitive in a “God of Conflict” title to have a quest that doesn’t characteristic fight, it is an incredible breather between the numerous boss fights, set-pieces, and mob hunts within the recreation.

The search begins as quickly as gamers bump into the primary mystical flower, which could be discovered fairly early on in Svartalfheim. Nonetheless, gamers can solely full this quest after unlocking realm journey to the entire recreation’s realms, barring Asgard. The targets of the search are as follows:

  • Gather flowers from the 9 realms

The necessities for this quest are:

  • Entry to All Realms (Nearly 80% completion into the story, entry to Niflheim’s Mist Fields Mystic Gateway)

Gamers will obtain the next rewards for finishing this Favor:

  • 750 Kratos XP
  • 750 Freya XP
  • Bronze Trophy: The Florist

The places of all 9 flowers required to finish 9 Realms in Bloom Favor in God of Conflict Ragnarok

Gamers will organically come throughout the 9 mystical flowers wanted to finish 9 Realms in Bloom as they discover the map. Nonetheless, some elements of the realm solely unlock after progressing by way of sure essential story quests and finishing among the recreation’s non-obligatory aspect quests.


Listed below are all of the places of the 9 flowers required to finish the 9 Realms in Bloom aspect quest in God of Conflict Ragnarok:

  • Ashpetal (Muspelheim): The Ashpetal could be discovered proper subsequent to Brok or Lunda’s Workshop in Muspelheim, situated close to the Crucible.
  • Dawnbloom (Alfheim): The Dawnbloom is discovered within the Forbidden Sands, which is accessible after releasing the 2 Hafgufas in Alfheim.
  • Dreamshade (Niflheim): Dreamshade is discovered within the Aesir Jail Wreckage, deep into the jail cells. Gamers might want to make their approach to the underside flooring of the Jail Wreckage to search out the magical flower.
  • Frostfinger (Niflheim): The Frostfinger is discovered proper beside the Mist Fields Mystic Gateway. To be able to entry this location, gamers want to complete the principle story.
  • Ironbell (Jotunheim): Ironbell could be present in Jotunheim, which is barely accessible after finishing the principle storyline.
  • Mirkweed (Midgard): Mirkweed is discovered on the Sanctuary Grove Mystic Gateway in Midgard, proper beside Freya’s home. The realm gateway is barely accessible after finishing the principle story.
  • Soulsbloom (Helheim): Soulsbloom is present in Helheim at Hel’s Perch close to the world the place gamers fought Garm. Gamers want to resolve a small environmental puzzle involving the Draupnir Spear to be able to get the magical flower.
  • Sparkthorn (Svartalfheim): Sparkthorn is present in Nidavellir, proper beside the tavern. Gamers want to realize entry to the Draupnir Spear to be able to get to the realm with the flower.
  • Starblush (Vanaheim): Starblush is discovered close to the Sinkholes Mystic Gateway, nonetheless, to be able to get entry to the flower, gamers must fist full the Favor – Return of the River.

The 9 mystical flowers, aside from being a quest that rewards gamers with a Bronze Trophy and brings them one step nearer to the coveted Platinum trophy for the sport, are additionally an incredible excuse for gamers to discover the realms accessible after ending the principle story of God of Conflict Ragnarok.

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