How to complete It’s All Gobbledegook quest

Hogwarts Legacy smashes its approach as a role-playing title set within the Wizarding World universe, which is in flip primarily based on the Harry Potter sequence of books and media. Gamers take management of a self-insert protagonist as they discover the fortress grounds as a fifth-year pupil whereas being entangled in occasions that might tear aside the wizarding world.

As is anticipated of the as an alternative contained and well-paced single-player marketing campaign of Hogwarts Legacy, gamers progress via a sequence of each principal and aspect quests that construct up the environment and overarching plot for the sport. As such, this information will element how gamers can full a principal story quest comparatively early on within the sport’s occasions – the “It’s All Gobbledegook” quest.

Be aware: Spoilers for the marketing campaign of Hogwarts Legacy will comply with. Discretion is advisable.

Finishing the It’s All Gobbledegook principal story quest in Hogwarts Legacy

The location of the quest in the in-game map of Hogwarts Legacy (Image via YouTube/ZaFrostPet)
The placement of the hunt within the in-game map of Hogwarts Legacy (Picture by way of YouTube/ZaFrostPet)

To start this explicit principal story quest, gamers should go to the Astronomy Tower within the Hogwarts College of Witchcraft and Wizardry and converse with Amit Thakkar. Amit is without doubt one of the few individuals you’ll come throughout who can fluently converse Gobbledegook, so it’s important to talk to him to progress via the story.

After talking to him, comply with this sequence of occasions to finish the hunt:

  1. Amit will enthusiastically agree that will help you meet up with Lodgok close to the mines.
  2. Make your approach south, under Keenbridge, to seek out Lodgok close to the Floo Flame location (Mine’s Eye).
  3. Converse with Lodgok, who will reveal the ineffectiveness of the earlier plan.
  4. Gamers will now should make their approach into the traditional mine, unaided by Lodgok, who will shortly disappear in worry of Ranrok.
  5. Head to the mine entrance and forged the Disillusionment spell on the big eye above to keep away from being detected. Open the door and head inside to seek out proof of Ranrok’s nefarious plans.
  6. As soon as inside, forged Incendio or Confringo on the boiler pot beside you to unlock entry to the elevator gate.
  7. Journey the elevator down into the decrease depths of the mine. Use Accio to maneuver the platforms towards you.
  8. Solid Revelio to point out interactable objects if required. A big pull chain shall be seen in your left. Solid Accio to open the conveyor belt to disclose a treasure you’ll be able to acquire.
  9. Subsequent, forged the Disillusionment allure and make your approach via the eyeball door after you cope with the enemies.
  10. Head via the tunnel to enter a sequence of interconnected rooms.
  11. Solid Revelio to disclose all interactable gadgets. Accumulate your loot and the scrolls detailing Ranrok’s plans. There are a complete of three such scrolls to seek out right here.
  12. Make your approach into the big central room and eliminate the enemies. This can be a quite robust combat, so be ready.
  13. Upon getting cleared the sector of enemies, forged a spell to mild up the furnace and pull down the chains utilizing Accio.
  14. Use the Disillusionment allure to sneak your approach throughout yet one more eyeball door. Seize a fourth scroll upstairs within the room forward.
  15. Lastly, mild the furnace current inside the room and switch left to make your approach equally throughout one other eyeball door.
  16. Use Accio to work together with the pull lever to activate a carry.
  17. Journey the carry again to the floor and make your strategy to Hogwarts valley to finish the hunt.
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The search will shortly finish after gamers bid farewell to Amit and meet up with Lodgok within the neighborhood. Converse with Lodgok to disclose varied particulars about Ranrok and his plan, and the hunt will then conclude, leaving gamers to discover different areas of Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts Legacy was launched on February 10, 2023, for the Xbox Collection X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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