How to complete In Service of Asgard Svartalfheim Favor in God of War Ragnarok

Early on in God of Struggle Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus should journey to Svartalfheim to search for Tyr. Whereas doing this, you find out about elective aspect quests, generally known as Favors. It takes place in Svartalfheim Bay and can also be the place Sindri offers you your Compass. The Compass will reveal the principle story quest and aspect quests on-screen, so you recognize precisely the place to go.

The primary Favor is accessible whereas searching for Durlin, and you’ll have to journey to a trio of islands and shut down their Mining Rigs. As you full every of those, you’ll obtain helpful rewards and crafting supplies, in addition to start one other Favor for in a while within the recreation.

Right here’s what you want to know in regards to the first Favor in God of Struggle Ragnarok.

God of Struggle Ragnarok’s first Favor is Svartalfheim’s In Service of Asgard


  • Kratos EXP: 500 XP
  • Atreus EXP: 125
  • Nidavellir Ore

Whereas touring via the Svartalfheim Tavern in God of Struggle Ragnarok, Raeb gives you a Favor to finish. You will have to close down a trio of Mining Rigs, initially put in place by Mimir.

As a part of this Favor, gamers will study rather a lot about Mimir’s previous work with Odin and get to study of his deep regrets. Regardless of being a aspect quest, it provides an fascinating story, one which gamers ought to positively expertise.

Whereas crusing within the Svartalfheim Bay, you’ll see the trio of Mining Rigs, marked with blue markers. Fortuitously, they’re quite simple to search out and embrace Modvitgnir’s Rig, Radsvinn’s Rig, and Althjof’s Rig. When you flip them off, every Mining Rig will reward you with Nidaveillir Ore.

1) Modvitgnir’s Rig in God of Struggle Ragnarok

That is the closest rig to you in God of Struggle Ragnarok, and can most likely be your first cease. You’ll sail ahead and proper on the intersection after which take a left. When you arrive right here, you’ll must climb up just a few platforms and combat via some annoying Wretches. After defeating them, you’ll have to hurl your Axe on the round image you come throughout subsequent.

This opens up a gate, permitting you to leap to a different platform. You should then climb the tower and defeat extra Wretches on the high. Curiously, you will discover a Legendary Chest up right here as properly, rewarding you with the Muspelheim Seed. After you discover the opposite half in God of Struggle Ragnarok, it’s going to allow you to sort out the Crucible in Muspelheim.

Swing throughout after turning proper, and you may see a Lore Marker and a creature beneath. As an alternative of going after it, head again throughout the platform and throw your Axe to kill it. After this, you’ll be able to go down there, declare your rewards, cope with the Lore Marker, and transfer on.


Throw your Axe at round targets on the correct of the crane twice, and also you’ll have the ability to swing ahead once more. There’s additionally a chest you’ll be able to seize by shifting the crate once more. If you happen to select to maneuver ahead, knock down the chain and be able to combat the Bergsra Mom.

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Wretches periodically spawn from this monster, so hold at it and repeatedly assault this huge beast within the head to defeat it. I charged the Leviathan Axe and used the large sweeping AOE assaults to overwhelm the Wretches in a single shot. After defeating this foe, break open the Rig and acquire your rewards.

2) Radsvinn’s Rig in God of Struggle Ragnarok

This Mining Rig in God of Struggle Ragnarok might be discovered within the middle of the lake. It is possible for you to to findone of Odin’s Ravens right here as properly. If you happen to’re heading in the right direction, Atreus will make a remark in regards to the geyser. If you happen to’ve already completed one of many different rigs, Sindri will state that he can use your newly acquired Nidavellir Ore to make some helpful armor.


You’ll have to climb up utilizing the Blades of Chaos close by and defeat numerous Grim, Cursed Grim, and different irritating foes. Afterwards, merely go up and crush the Mining Rig to obtain your rewards. That is arguably the best of the three Mining Rigs.

3) Althjof’s Rig in God of Struggle Ragnarok

The ultimate Mining Rig is one puzzle that gamers should overcome on this realm. If you arrive, climb up the chain and switch the wheel down twice. You’ll wish to swing throughout and use the Blades of Chaos to explode the crimson barrel, which clears away the wooden blocking your path. Observe this path, open the gate, and blow up the subsequent barrel beneath as properly.

Subsequent, you’ll have to climb the wall, and soar down, smashing via the ground. There will probably be some Draugr right here to defeat and additionally, you will discover a Lore Marker. Use the Blades of Chaos to elevate the platform whilst you’re beneath.

Head again to the Wheel and transfer it in order that the hook is again on the high. Return to the realm above and swing throughout with the hook. After this, you’ll have one other wall to climb, the place you will encounter enemies that have to be defeated so you’ll be able to shut off the ultimate Mining Rig.

When you do that, you’ll be able to go to the southern portion of the Mining Rig, and get to the highest utilizing a crane. You will discover a Legendary Chest right here, supplying you with the Njord’s Tempest runic assault. This Favor is now full, and you may both head again to the tavern or go forward to hunt Durlin and transfer the story ahead.

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