How to complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial

Hogwarts Legacy consists of assorted trials involving puzzles and defeating enemies. Charles Rookwood’s trial is one such stage that may take a look at talent. This predominant quest will be initiated by assembly Professor Fig within the map chambers of Hogwarts citadel. Charles Rookwood is without doubt one of the keepers of Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s essential to defeat a swarm of goblins at Rookwood citadel. Yow will discover Charles’ portrait upon progressing deeper into the citadel. Interacting with the portrait initiates the trial. You’ll then resolve a sequence of puzzles and defeat formidable enemies to finish this Hogwarts Legacy trial efficiently.

Finishing Charles Rookwood’s trial in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy contains many thematic quests that solidify the sensation of being part of a magical world. Charles Rookwood’s trial is one such predominant mission that may take a look at your puzzle-solving skills. That is the second trial in Hogwarts Legacy, the primary one being Percival’s trial.

Goal: To defeat the goblin loyalists in Rookwood citadel and full the trial to entry Charles Rookwood’s recollections.

Quest Description: After talking with Charles Rookwood’s portrait within the map chambers, you will need to journey to the Rookwood household citadel. You uncover that goblin loyalists swarm the citadel.

Rewards: 260 expertise (XP).

Upon coming into the citadel, you’ll face a gaggle of Ashwinder executioners. Defeat all of them and comply with the search marker main you to the cellar. Your subsequent goal is to search out Charles’ portrait. The marker will information you to the portrait.

After a cutscene, a magical ripple seems beside you. Interacting with it’s going to open up a doorway to the trial location. You’ll discover an enormous archway in the midst of the room. Take the steps to the proper of this archway, and you’ll discover the identical interactive magical ripple. This prompts the blue portal within the archway. Return to it and ensure to face in entrance of the portal.

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Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the block to the left (Image via WB Games)
Use Wingardium Leviosa to maneuver the block to the left (Picture by way of WB Video games)

Now comply with the sequence of steps listed beneath:

  • You’ll discover a pillar to the proper facet. Solid Wingardium Leviosa to the left so it sticks to the wall.
  • There will likely be a block on the left facet as properly. Use Wingardium Leviosa on it and produce it subsequent to the pillar.
  • This creates a staircase-like construction so that you can climb.

After scaling this pillar, maintain strolling straight forward. You attain a bridge that magically descends, taking you to a brand new room. There’s one other archway on the finish of it. Work together with the magic ripple on its proper to activate the blue portal, and a change seems on the wall forward of you.

Pull this pillar out to unblock the exit (Image via WB Games)
Pull this pillar out to unblock the exit (Picture by way of WB Video games)

While you look via the blue portal, you will notice a pillar blocking the trail forward. As soon as you might be on this place, go for the next actions:

  • Stroll via this portal as soon as after which solid any spell on the change. It will flip the archway as soon as. Now go round this archway (not via it) and have a look at the pillar. It might now be pulled out utilizing Wingardium Leviosa.
  • As soon as the pillar is out, solid any primary spell on the change to flip the archway once more. It will present you the doorway to the subsequent space. Be happy to undergo the blue portal at this juncture and exit the realm.

Strolling down a protracted pathway, you’ll face a Pensieve Protector and some weaker enemies. Defeat them and proceed to the subsequent room. You’ll come throughout one other archway with a magic ripple.

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Defeat these enemies and proceed straight ahead (Image via WB Games)
Defeat these enemies and proceed straight forward (Picture by way of WB Video games)

Interacting with the ripple will convey up a change on the wall and activate the blue portal. Solid any spell on it to flip the whole platform (together with the blue portal) to the proper.

Then resort to those steps:

  • With the blue portal now to your proper, stroll via it.
  • The portal turns pink after which casts a spell on the wall change. This as soon as once more flips the platform round.
  • Now proceed straight forward, and you’ll discover a bridge that connects to a brand new part of this room.
After rotating the archway, head straight to the next area (Image via WB Games)
After rotating the archway, head straight to the subsequent space (Picture by way of WB Video games)

A magical ripple spawns to your proper. Interacting with it’s going to make a pillar seem in entrance of you and activate the archway in the midst of the room. Additionally, you will discover a change on the higher right-hand facet of the wall.

Observe these steps after executing the above actions:

  • Solid any primary spell on the change to rotate the archway that has a platform hooked up to it.
  • Now head again to the purpose the place you had activated the magic ripple. Solid Levioso on the pillar to levitate it and climb the platform.
  • As soon as standing on the platform, solid any spell on the change. It will rotate the platform, making you reachable to the opposite facet.
Cast any spell on the switch to rotate the platform (Image via WB Games)
Solid any spell on the change to rotate the platform (Picture by way of WB Video games)

You’ll face extra enemies within the subsequent space, so defeat all of them and maintain heading deeper. Devour a Wiggenweld potion (well being potion in Hogwarts Legacy) if you’re low on well being. You’ll come throughout a protracted bridge resulting in a platform with a single archway within the middle. Right here you’ll discover some swords levitating within the air.

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These are enemies holding swords. Stroll via the archway to have the ability to see them. Defeating them spawns the Pensieve guardian boss. He’s gradual to assault, so it’s excellent for maintaining your distance and utilizing harm spells to deplete his well being. Defeating him spawns a bridge that reaches the ultimate room of this trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Clearing the group of enemies spawns this boss (Image via WB Games)
Clearing the group of enemies spawns this boss (Picture by way of WB Video games)

All left is interacting with the pedestal to entry Charles Rookwoods’s recollections. After the cutscene, you will need to head to the map chambers to talk with Rackham’s portrait. You possibly can conclude this quest in Hogwarts Legacy by talking with Professor Fig.

Hogwarts Legacy is now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X/S, and PC, with optimistic evaluations from critics.

Hogwarts Legacy permits gamers to partake in myriad facet actions starting from taming magical beasts to personalizing the Room of Requirement.

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