How to complete A Viking Funeral favor

God of Battle Ragnarok, very similar to its predecessor, God of Battle (2018), is stuffed to the brim with some actually intriguing and rewarding facet quests. The sport’s non-linear development system permits gamers to aim the facet content material in any order they like, with none repurcussions to the overarching narrative.

Most side-quests in God of Battle Ragnarok are unlocked organically through the story, both through exploration of the totally different realms or progressing by sure elements of the story. Nevertheless, there are additionally a number of which might be both fully or partially locked till gamers end the primary plot.

Quests like Match for a King and Trials of Muspelheim, whereas obtainable and accessible earlier than finishing the primary story, are meant as end-game content material. These quests supply some actually difficult boss battles, and require gear and upgrades that gamers will solely unlock after finishing a considerable portion of the primary marketing campaign.

Nevertheless, there are a number of quests in God of Battle Ragnarok which might be solely obtainable after ending the primary story, such because the favor: A Viking Funeral.

Be aware: This text incorporates main spoilers for God of Battle Ragnarok’s ending.

Necessities and rewards for finishing A Viking Funeral favor in God of Battle Ragnarok


A Viking Funeral favor in God of Battle Ragnarok is barely unlocked upon finishing the primary story, which incorporates the boss struggle towards Thor, adopted by a multi-phase battle towards Odin, and the epilogue part that sees Atreus set out on his personal path within the seek for the Giants throughout the Norse lands.

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The favor is an computerized unlock after gamers full the epilogue of the sport. A Viking Funeral is principally a story quest the place Atrues and Kratos give their farewell to the beloved blacksmith, Brok, who was killed by Odin on the finish of the primary half of the plot.

Brok’s loss of life was simply essentially the most tragic second of God of Battle Ragnarok, solely seconded by Atreus leaving Kratos in the hunt for the Giants and Thor’s loss of life by the hands of the All-father.


Gamers can begin the hunt by touring to Nidavellir in Svartalfheim and going to the tavern, the place Durlin, Raeb, and Lunda are making ready for Brok’s last rites.

They might want to work together with Brok’s lifeless physique stored on a close-by desk within the tavern and watch the cutscene that ensues. After that, they should proceed to Sverd Sands to progress the questline.

Gamers can get to Sverd Sands both by taking the Mystic Gateway or by utilizing the raft. It is suggested to make use of the primary choice because it saves plenty of journey downtime, on condition that the world is kind of removed from Nidavellir.

As soon as gamers arrive on the quest location marked on their HUD and map, they might want to work together with Brok’s physique as soon as once more and watch one other cutscene the place all the opposite dwarves, Kratos, Freya, and Brok’s brother, Sindri, pay their last tributes to the gifted and foul-mouthed Blacksmith.

As soon as the cutscene finishes, gamers will get the pop-up for finishing A Viking Funeral quest and the Silver Trophy “Funeral for a Good friend” in the event that they have not unlocked it by then.

God of Battle Ragnarok is full of emotional and heart-wrenching moments, however Brok’s unlucky demise must be essentially the most devastating and impactful second in your complete sport.

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