How to carry over sensitivity settings

Overwatch 2 lastly arrived earlier this month after a lot anticipation. The large success the sport has seen in such a short while has introduced many new gamers to the title. That mentioned, first-person shooter fanatics should make sure that their mouse sensitivity stays the identical throughout the varied video games they bask in.

Counter-Strike: World Offensive is a tactical first-person shooter title the place exact aiming and split-second reactions can decide the result of a gunfight. Nonetheless, the sport assessments a special set of expertise when in comparison with OW2. With that in thoughts, this is how to make sure your sensitivity settings within the latter title are the identical as CS: GO.

How one can use CS: GO’s mouse sensitivity in Overwatch 2 and vice versa

Utilizing your CS: GO mouse sensitivity in different titles is simple, offered you will have the correct instruments at hand. ‘1’ sensitivity on this title is the same as ‘3.33’ in Overwatch 2. This worth might be simply employed to hold over Counter-Strike: World Offensive’s sensitivity settings into OW2.

Sensitivity conversion: Valorant to Overwatch 2 in (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sensitivity conversion: Valorant to Overwatch 2 in Aiming.professional (Picture by way of Sportskeeda)

You may as well head over to Aiming.professional to make the conversion course of even easier. The web site permits customers to simply use their most popular mouse sensitivity throughout varied titles listed on it. Furthermore, it allows gamers to make use of their DPI. Therefore, you’ll arrive on the actual sensitivity determine wanted for the very best expertise in OW2.

Aiming.professional options a number of different titles, resembling Valorant, Fortnite, Name of Responsibility: Warzone, Apex Legends, and extra, permitting you to make use of your most popular sensitivity settings throughout all these titles.

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How is CS: GO completely different from Overwatch 2?

CS: GO and Overwatch 2 are vastly completely different from one another. The primary one is far slower in tempo and implements dissimilar sport mechanics in comparison with the latter. Here is how each the titles set themselves other than each other:

Counter-Strike: World Offensive

CS: GO is a tactical first-person shooter title. It includes mastering a sure set of expertise. Fast response time and correct aiming are the important thing expertise required to excel at this sport. It’s a extremely aggressive title and includes two groups of 5 gamers every.


The target of the Terrorist workforce is to plant at both web site A or B or remove all enemies earlier than the timer runs out. Equally, for the Counter-Terrorist squad, the target is to stop the bomb from being planted, defuse the bomb, or kill all of the Terrorists earlier than the spherical is over.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a hero-shooter title the place two groups of 5 gamers every choose Heroes with distinctive powers and skills to attain varied goals relying on the sport mode. Characters have roles assigned to them, which decide their function. The roles embrace Harm, Help, and Tank.


Relying on the Hero they select, the sport will decide which set of expertise they are going to get to show in a match. For instance, somebody choosing Widowmaker should be correct and exact with their goal. Nonetheless, Reinhardt customers don’t have to possess related experience and as a substitute can deal with mastering their utility utilization.

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Since CS: GO is extremely tactical, it is strongly recommended to proceed with a decrease sensitivity as this can permit for sharp and correct mouse actions essential to land these essential headshots. In Overwatch 2, gamers can go for a barely larger sensitivity as they need to make fast actions.

Whereas utilizing sensitivity converters is really useful for ease of conversion of settings between two titles, it might not at all times be correct.

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