How to build a successful career: HR-expert advice

If earlier people chose a career once in a lifetime, today people have the opportunity to learn a new profession at almost any age. Numerous career guidance and retraining courses, online seminars, and more can help you learn new skills if you want to. In this article, we have collected tips from HR specialists that will help you master the profession.

Don’t be afraid to change your career path

If you feel that you no longer enjoy your job, you do not like doing your duties – this is a sure sign that you are thinking about changing your career. Many people in adulthood are afraid to do this, thinking that they will not be able to find a new job. However, do not be afraid of this – all good specialists are always highly valued in any company.

Be honest

Many job seekers want to make a good impression during the interview. On the one hand, this is certainly good. However, in order to please the employer, some people begin to exaggerate their merits and talk about skills that they do not really possess. Experts advise never to deceive the employer. You need to honestly tell where and by whom you worked before, what duties you performed and why you want to change jobs.

Do not distort the facts, because any data today can be easily verified. If suddenly the employer catches you in a lie, you will have to make excuses, and because of this, you can ruin your opinion of yourself forever.

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Take responsibility consciously

Many mistakenly believe that when choosing a new field of activity, a person will be paid little. However, this is not always the case. A beginner can be called both a student who wants to earn extra money and an adult specialist who decided to change jobs. However, unlike a student, an adult already has experience and seniority, so he will not have to start his career from scratch, which means that he will receive a salary not as a beginner, but as an experienced specialist.

But always, when changing jobs, try to objectively assess your capabilities and real prospects – consciously approach the choice of a new profession and analyze which new competencies you can really get, and which ones you can’t already. For example, if you are already an adult, you are unlikely to be able to become a ballet dancer – and this is objective. At the same time, a successful engineer may ​​start placing bets and play 20Bet online casino games – it’s only your choice and nobody is responsible for that except you. Therefore, consciously approach your choice.

Get a varied experience

In order not to worry about not being able to find another job – try to get a variety of experiences wherever possible. Try yourself in cross-functional projects if your company can offer them to you. Take the initiative and take on new tasks that you haven’t taken on before. With each new task completed, you acquire new skills that can be useful to you at any time. With gaining experience, you evaluate your capabilities differently, and you begin to better navigate professional goals.

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Don’t be afraid to appreciate yourself

Sometimes it happens that when applying for a job, the applicant is embarrassed to really evaluate himself and name the salary that he really would like to receive. However, psychologists consider this approach to be absolutely wrong. If you yourself cannot declare yourself, tell about your merits and advantages, then how can someone else do it? Only if you value yourself highly will others begin to value you highly. Therefore, one of the main tips when applying for a new job can be this: write down all your competencies, skills, and virtues on a piece of paper in advance. Think back to all the projects you’ve ever successfully completed. After evaluating all your experience, try to adequately guess what salary another person could receive, having the same experience as you. Sometimes he can also look at the resumes of other job seekers on job search sites and see what salary they are applying for. This will help you better navigate the job market.

Remember that no matter how old you are, no matter what education and experience you have, you can always find something new, change your field of activity and find your purpose in something else, if you really want it. Today there are no obstacles, and the development of Internet technologies, on the contrary, helps you find the business that you will do with pleasure.