How Rich is Erin Napier? Check her net worth 2022, early life and personal affairs here!!

Erin Napier is a well-known TV show in the United States called “Home Town.” She is one of the hosts. Erin is also a co-founder of the company Laurel Mercantile Co, which makes clothes. By the year 2022, Erin Napier is thought to have a fortune of around $5 million dollars.

Early life and work

Erin Napier was born on August 30th, 1985, in Laurel, Mississippi, and she is now 32 years old. She was born in the house of Phil and Karen Rasberry. This is where she was born. Her father, Phil, owns a business, and her mother, Karen, is a real estate agent who has worked for years. Erin is the youngest member of the family because she has an older brother who is older than her.

When Erin was young, she went to a school in her town. In the next step, she went to the University of Mississippi, where she earned a degree in Graphic Design. Soon after she graduated, she started working for a company as a corporate graphic designer.

After she finished college, she thought about setting up a blog to show off her skills as a designer, so she did. With a simple graphic design, she started a blog post. It can be used for a wedding invitation or a birthday party, and it looks good. She did a great job with her design. One of her childhood friends thought it was great. The truth is that Erin made a wedding announcement card for her friend’s wedding. The card was made with a simple design. Jessie’s friend was very impressed with her work when she sent a card to her friend by mail. She even put pictures of cards on her blog and called them “Lucky Luxe,” which got her a lot of attention.

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After they saw her blog, many people asked her to make cards for them. To start with, Lucky Luxe was the name of her stationery company.

After she was asked to host the TV show “Home Town” with her husband, Ben, she became a well-known TV star. She and Ben were, in fact, working on a lot of houses in their hometown. Erin also uses the hashtag #ILiveInLaurel on Instagram to post pictures of her hometown, Laurel, that are both beautiful and interesting. There were pictures of Lindsey Weidhorn that caught her eye. She asked Erin and Ben to be a host on the show Home Town, and they agreed!

At HGTV, Erin and Ben were the hosts of the show for the first time on January 24, 2016. Show: Ben is in charge of the renovation and Erin is in charge of the design part, so they both work on the show. This news came out on November 13, 2019. It said that the spin-off of the show Home Town Takeover will premiere in 2021. The new season of the show was finally shown in January 2021.

What is Erin Napier’s height?

When Erin Napier was born, she was about 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm tall. She stands now. There is a huge difference in height between Ben and Erin, who are both around 6 feet 6 inches or 198 cm tall. There’s a 1-foot 1-inch difference between these two people! Currently, we don’t know how much she weighs or how big she is. Her body weight is thought to be around 60 kg or 132 pounds. Even her hair and eyes are light brown.

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Erin Napier’s Husband

In this case, Erin and her husband Ben are married. She first met Ben in college. Erin told us that she was very quiet, but Ben was very outgoing and talked a lot. She had a crush on Ben back then. It was only at the college yearbook event that Erin met Ben for the first time, though.

After two days, both of them went on a date, and then they both fell in love. The engagement ring was given to her by Ben in 2007. Before their wedding, they had been together a year. They said their vows on November 22, 2008. As a gift from God, they have a daughter born in January 2018.

Erin Napier’s worth

She has a personal fortune of $5 million as of early 2022. They both have a lot of money. Most of her money comes from the show “Home Town.” Erin has also written a book called “Make Something Good Today.”


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