How Reese Witherspoon became the richest actress in the world


How Reese Witherspoon became the richest actress in the world

Most of the production company was sold that Monday. Forbes estimates Witherspoon is valued at more than 335 million euros.

The actress and producer is 45 years old.

It’s been a few years since Reese Witherspoon stood out in “Elections”, “Strange Connections”, “Legally Blonde”, “The Vanity Fair” or “Walk the Line”. Since 2006 the actress has also worked as a producer, for example in “Penelope”, “Livre” or “Em Parte Uncerta”.

In 2012 he founded the production company Pacific Standard together with Bruna Papandrea – a merger of two existing companies. Pacific Standard later became a subsidiary of Hello Sunshine – a production company founded in 2016 that has been responsible for many of Reese Witherspoon’s successful projects over the past few years.

They created “Big Little Lies” for HBO, “The Morning Show” for Apple TV +, and “Little Fires Everywhere” for Hulu. Also in the pipeline are series such as “Daisy Jones & The Six” for Amazon; “The Last He Told Me” for Apple TV +; or “From scratch” for Netflix.

So much was the success of the Hello Sunshine series that on Monday, August 2nd, it was announced that the majority of the manufacturing shares had been bought by a new company affiliated with the Blackstone Group and former Disney – Executives is led. However, Reese Witherspoon and other existing investors are keeping a percentage of the deal.

Forbes magazine says Reese Witherspoon became the richest actress in the world after the deal. The trade magazine estimates the actress’s value at around 336 million euros – after this deal, Hello Sunshine was valued at around 756 million euros.

The decision to rely on yourself as an actress in these series – and in stories about female characters – has clearly paid off. Reese Witherspoon retains a stake of at least 18 percent in the company (sold more than half of the previous stake) and has already benefited around 100 million euros from this deal.

The rest of his fortune, Forbes explains, is related to all of the work he has developed over the past three decades. He currently receives at least one million dollars (the equivalent of 841,000 euros) for every episode he shoots for a series. On “The Morning Show” he even received more than one million euros per episode. In addition, he continues to do advertising work.

His goal is to value the role of women in the film and television industry. Their rise coincided with the #MeToo movement, which rocked the Hollywood landscape significantly and led to more equality (and relevance) for actresses, producers or filmmakers.

Many of the stories she has put on television and in the cinema are literary adaptations by women authors. That’s why the actress and producer started the Reese Book Club, which already has more than two million followers, and many of the literary club’s offerings have become true bestsellers.

At 45 years old and a slew of smart choices and big bets, Reese Witherspoon has become one of the biggest and most influential names in the Hollywood industry.

Born in New Orleans but raised in Nashville, the actress began her career as a teenager when she made her debut in 1991 in “O Homem da Lua”. For her role in “Walk the Line” she won an Oscar for best actress and two Emmys as producer.

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