How many Crystal Tears are there in the Elden Ring?

Crystal Tears are unique items in Elden Ring. They give the player a small boost for a short time. They can be used with the new flask system that was added to the game, called Wondrous Physick. They can be used this way.

In order to make this Wondrous Physick, you need to mix two different Crystal Tears together. It can only be used once during a fight. Every time the player rests at a place of grace, it gets filled again. Two different Crystal Tears with different abilities can be mixed together, and they will both give you a boost at the same time.

These Crystal Tears have to be hunted for throughout the game. Because they are spread out all over the world map. To make things easier, you should know which ones to get and where they are.

1) Greeburst Crystal Tear

Elden Ring has a lot of Crystal Tears that players should look for. One of the best is the Greeburst Crystal Tear, which is good for players who run dex builds in the game.

Greeburst crystal tear is good for players with dex builds in Elden Ring. You can get it from FP Good Game.
It is a Crystal Tear that will be very useful for people who play the game with a dexterity-based build. Why? Because stamina is very important to how much damage an enemy can take from a build.

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This Crystal Tear helps players recover their stamina more quickly, so they can keep moving, dodging, and hitting enemies. The buff made from this crystal tear lasts for three minutes, but you have to keep it clean.

Erdtree Avatars can be found near a Minor Erdtree in Caelid.

2) Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear.

Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear makes fights against sorcerers very easy.  There’s a lot of power in this Crystal Tear. You can use it well against enemies who like to keep putting out magic damage. This is because when Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear is used, it turns magic damage into health for about 15 seconds.

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During a boss fight, like against Queen of the Full Moon, it will be very powerful. People who play in a game called “PVP” like magic spells that can kill their opponents in one hit.

Because this does not work for things like physical damage or curses, it is important to know that this does not work.

Location: They were found on the mountaintops of the giants.

3) A magic-shielding crack in a broken tear.

This Crystal Tear is a must-have for any sorcerer in Elden Ring who wants to use magic. There is a spell that can help spells do more damage for about three minutes in the game.

The damage boost from the Crystal Tear is very big. It increases the damage of all spells by 20% in PvE and 15% in PvP. Ideally, this Cracked Tear and the next one on the list are the building blocks for a one-shot nuke build that can destroy all of the game’s bosses.

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In Liurnia of the Lakes, an Erdtree Avatar gave it to someone who was near a Minor Erdtree.

4) Cerulean Hidden Tear is an important part of the infinite FP build.

Cerulean Hidden Tear is an important part of the infinite FP build. The most powerful Crystal Tear in the game is this one. It makes sure that all magic spells in the game use no FP for 15 seconds.

This doesn’t just work for small spells. It also works for powerful spells like Comet Azur. Crystal Tear: When used with Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear in a wondrous physick flask, this build can be called “easy mode” for Elden Ring.

Some players might have to think about when to use this flask because it can only be used once during a fight. This flask can be used only once during the fight.

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit can be found in Mt. Gelmir.

5) Purifying Crystal Tear is very important against Mohg, Lord of Blood

This Crystal Tear isn’t as powerful as the other ones on the list, but it plays a very important role in the fight against Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Moog’s curse attack can’t be hurt by this Crystal Tear. It makes the fight a lot easier for the group. The curse from Mohg can kill a player in Elden Ring in one hit, so it’s important to keep that in mind when you fight.

So, unless you want to stay in the same fight for a long time, you’ll need this Crystal Tear. Eleonora’s bloody finger was found in the second church of Marika.

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