How Loki Kang will bring the Conqueror into the MCU


In the Loki series, viewers will rediscover Tom Hiddleston in the boots of the Evil God while the son of the leader of the ice giants travels through space and time thanks to the tesseract to influence key moments in humanity. And precisely because time travel is taking up more and more space in the sequel to the MCU, Loki could be the origin of the appearance of Kang in Ant-Man 3 …

A little reminder of what happened

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When the Avengers returned to the past in Endgames, Loki managed to escape. Impossible to know where he was going. When the Loki is dead in the main timeline, that version of the character is still there. While he’s in the midst of an identity crisis, what happens to him next could be directly related to the arrival of Kang the Conqueror at the MCU.

Indeed, Ant-Man 3, directed by Peyton Reed, could make the concept of space and time a central part of the story, as Lovecraft country actor Jonathan Majors has been cast. to play as Kang the Conqueror. In Marvel Comics, Kang is a future time traveler who frequently encounters the Avengers. Armed with an arsenal of high-tech gadgets from the future, Kang sees himself as a being of superior power and intelligence and therefore believes that it is his right to rule over humanity, and that all nations must submit to him.

Why Loki could be the key

One scene from the trailer shows Loki in a prison uniform with the letters “TVA” referring to the Time Variance Authority. So it seems that Loki will travel in time on the show and become a prisoner of the TVA. These are responsible for preventing beings like Kang from doing what they want in the past and in the future. Therefore, something has to change for Kang to escape this authority and appear in Ant-Man 3.

Remember, however, that the show’s Loki is still a villain who just faced the Avengers, rather than the one who died protecting his brother from Thanos. It is therefore a selfish being that puts its interests first and does not care about the consequences of its actions. If Loki does something that prevents TVA from working properly, he can open the door for Kang to have Kang appear in phase 5. If Loki beats her at the end of the season, one final scene, for example, could briefly reveal Kang on the sidelines. to make his great escape. If the sales tax is wrong because of Loki, Kang can take this opportunity to step in the thread of time and finally get his conquest plans in motion.