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How I Met Your Father: The remake of the popular comedy disappoints

How I Met Your Father: The remake of the popular comedy disappoints

Hilary Duff is now the protagonist: a kind of female Ted Mosby. The argument follows the same original formula.

There is no date yet for its premiere in Portugal.

17 years after the premiere of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (which translates to ‘Foi Assim que Happened’ in Portuguese) and which ‘Friends’ succeeded as a new big world sitcom, comes the sequel ‘How I Met Your Father’. arrives.”

It premieres in the US this Tuesday, January 18 on streaming platform Hulu – which doesn’t exist in Portugal. At the moment it is not even confirmed if it will debut here, but there are many Hulu original productions that will appear on Portuguese streaming platforms sooner or later.

During these years, the reality has changed slightly – now the world of dating and love relationships has changed with apps and social networks. In this new version of the story, the protagonist is a woman – played most of the time by Hilary Duff and in her older version by Kim Cattrall and narrator. And there was a notorious concern to diversify the cast.

Otherwise the formula stays the same. Hilary Duff is Sophie, a sort of next-generation female Ted Mosby. She is a romantic who believes that one day she will find the man who will be the love of her life. And that day could be tomorrow — which is why he spends his life going on back-to-back first dates, hoping that one day he’ll find the right one.

If there is a Ted, there must be a Robin. It’s Jesse (Christopher Lowell), a man who is rather skeptical about marriage and romance, but is nevertheless charmed by Sophie’s charms. But nothing will be as linear or simple.

Other main characters include Charlie (Tom Ainsley), a naïve (sometimes uncomfortable) and sweet Brit who finds a new life in New York; Valentina (Francia Raisa), who has an adventurous love life; and Jesse’s quirky adoptive sister Ellen, of Vietnamese descent (Tien Tran), who just moved to New York from a small town.

Like the first episode of How I Met Your Mother, the sequel – and we’re talking about a sequel and not a remake because there’s a connection between the two stories – has a proposition right at the start. Jesse’s best friend Sid (Suraj Sharma) asks his long-time girlfriend Hannah (Ashley Reyes), with whom he has recently been in a long-distance relationship.

The sets, the laughs captured, the nature of the performances — all of this is very much tied to the original sitcom, American critics generally say. However, the production is mostly felt as a disappointment, since it cannot reach the quality of “How I Met Your Mother”.

Most of the trade press praises the work of Hilary Duff and company, but claims that the dialogue and one-line jokes aren’t good enough to maintain the standard or meet the established high bar. Also, it would always be difficult to create a cast of characters as charismatic (and with as much chemistry) as Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily and Barney.

The cast of “How I Met Your Father” also includes Josh Peck, Daniel Augustin, Stony Blyden and Leighton Meester. The series was created by two of the producers of This Is Us, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.

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