How God of War sets up the narrative in Norse mythos before Ragnarok

God of Warfare Ragnarok is coming quickly, and never each gamer may have performed by way of the primary recreation. The earlier title, out there on PlayStation and PC, advised the story of what occurred as soon as Kratos made his technique to the Norse realms. Discovering a house in Midgard with a brand new household, his peace would in the end not final.

Ragnarok is coming, and the machinations of Odin contain the God of Warfare himself. Armed with the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos, Kratos and his son Atreus can be wrapped up in a brand new, lethal journey throughout the 9 Realms. However how did we get there?

Right here is the story of God of Warfare (2018) and what it’s doing to arrange Ragnarok.

Word: This text comprises main spoilers for God of Warfare 2018.

God of Warfare tries to provide Kratos a standard, peaceable life – but it surely doesn’t final

The start of the sport is truthfully fairly heartbreaking. Kratos discovered a brand new life and household. Kratos, his spouse Faye, and their son Atreus have been dwelling collectively when Faye would unexpectedly die. The sport begins with Kratos placing her on a funeral pyre.

The daddy and son don’t even actually get to cope with their grief when a mysterious man reveals up, lined in runes and tattoos. The 2 males had a brutal battle that obliterated the native wildlife. Kratos would slay this man by breaking his neck and throwing him off a cliff – however that will not really be the top.

Faye had a remaining request for Kratos and Atreus, although. She wished her ashes thrown off the best mountain within the 9 Realms, so that will be their subsequent final aim. Kratos will meet the Witch of the Woods in addition to the Dwarven brothers, Brok and Sindri. Each would in the end assist the God of Warfare in his quest.

Jormungandr, the final of the Giants and the World Serpent, would even be encountered on the Lake of the 9. At this level, the Bifrost can be nonetheless lively. They’d use it, on the behest of the Witch of the Woods, to journey to Alfheim. There’s a black mist stopping Kratos from shifting ahead, in order that they want gentle from Alfheim to proceed.

Baldur, Modi, Magni, and Mimir

On the mountaintop, gamers be taught that the person they killed earlier isn’t solely nonetheless alive however is the god Baldur. He’s right here with two of Thor’s sons – Modi and Magni. As well as, they discover the wisest of all beings, Mimir. This Fae creature is sure to a tree, and the one technique to free him is to behead him. It wasn’t all unhealthy information right here, although – Mimir revealed to the father-son duo that the tallest mountain is in Jotunheim.


The top would then be revived by the Witch of the Woods, who’s then revealed to be the goddess Freya. Kratos distrusts her, which is pure, contemplating he’s the slayer of gods. Each Freya and Mimir knowledgeable Kratos that he ought to inform Atreus that he’s the God of Warfare and about his previous.

The social gathering now has a route to soak up God of Warfare, however their peace is beset by Thor’s sons. Kratos kills Magni right here, however Modi flees. Modi will return to leap Kratos, however Modi made the error of insulting Atreus’ useless mom. Kratos’ son would collapse attributable to sickness, and Freya would help him in saving Atreus.

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Atreus’ sickness stems from being conflicted. He thought he was mortal, and Kratos by no means knowledgeable him in any other case. Taking over the Blades of Chaos once more, he would journey to Helheim to slay a troll. Tensions would develop, with Atreus turning into conceited and overconfident, now that he knew he was a god.


Modi’s destiny could be sealed by Atreus a bit in a while. The duo comes throughout a crushed Modi, and Atreus, towards Kratos’ needs, kills Modi. He was crushed by Thor, who blamed him for the dying of his brother, Magni.

The God of Warfare didn’t attain Jotunheim peacefully, as Baldur confirmed up but once more to battle. Baldur kidnaps Atreus, and Kratos inadvertently destroys the portal to Jotunheim. After an unimaginable battle on the again of a dragon, they crash on the Bifrost. Kratos in the end despatched Baldur again to Helheim earlier than he might summon reinforcements.


One remaining revelation got here at this level within the God of Warfare story. Kratos discovered that Freya was the mom of Baldur, and he or she cursed him with immortality. This led to Atreus and Kratos making amends.

The daybreak of Ragnarok

To get to Jotunheim, Mimir wants his different eye, which is within the stomach of Jormungandr. Although Kratos would safe the attention, Baldur refused to let issues lie and attacked once more. Freya tried to intervene, however due to Atreus’ mistletoe arrowheads, the curse was damaged, and Kratos killed Baldur.

Freya doesn’t take this nicely, predictably, and vows vengeance. Nevertheless, upon arriving in Jotunheim, the 2 entered a temple showcasing their adventures to date. The Giants knew that this may occur, evidently.

A couple of massive reveals occur right here. The primary is that Faye was an enormous, and Kratos’ dying is also depicted right here. Whereas scattering Faye’s ashes, Atreus revealed he had one other identify. The Giants referred to the boy as “Loki.”

The Fimbulwinter begins right here, and Mimir warns that Ragnarok is on the best way. A post-credit scene additionally appeared, teasing a battle between Kratos and Thor. In Norse mythology, this cataclysmic occasion was began by Loki.


In Norse mythology, a number of essential battles happen throughout Ragnarok (translating into Doom of the Gods):

  • Odin vs. Fenrir: Fenrir swallows Odin.
  • Vidar vs. Fenrir: Vidar kills Fenrir, in the end ending Ragnarok.
  • Thor vs. Jormungandr: Thor kills Jormungandr however dies from his wounds.
  • Tyr vs. Garm: Garm bites off Tyr’s different hand, and he bleeds out.
  • Heimdall vs. Loki: Although each deal deadly wounds to 1 one other, Loki doesn’t perish till he sees the destruction of the worlds. They die aspect by aspect.

The God of Warfare Ragnarok story will possible be completely different in a number of methods. Magni and Modi are imagined to survive Ragnarok, however the two brothers by no means even make it that far, based on the 2018 God of Warfare.

As God of Warfare Ragnarok begins, the Fimbulwinter is in full swing, and the cataclysmic occasions have begun. Followers should wait a bit longer to see precisely how this occasion shakes out for each Kratos and Atreus.

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