How Fake Hackers are Affecting the Russia-Ukraine Crisis?

During the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a number of Hacktivist groups have reportedly made up stories about cyberattacks that didn’t work. However, a new report by Check Point Research says that these stories were not true.

Among the hacktivist groups are “Against the West,” “KelvinSecurity,” and “Killnet.” Russian search engine “Yandex” has not been hacked. A Russian nuclear plant has also not been hacked. Anonymous’ website has not been hacked.

The report by CPR says that the groups used old YouTube videos, public information, and copied pages to make the public believe that a hack was successful. The report also says that a lot of other groups are spreading false information during the current conflict.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other companies have been taking new steps in response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

There were no leaked files from “AgainstTheWall.” CPR found them to be public information that was already out there. Meanwhile, “KelvinSecrety” claimed to have broken into a nuclear plant in Russia and shared “leaked” links, databases, and videos as proof.

However, the video provided by the group turned out to be a year-old clip from Youtube, while the links led to information that had been available for years before the group provided it. They also said that they broke into Anonymous’ website and released a video as “proof.” This is from the pro-Russian group, Killnet. CPR thinks these are fake.

Cyber Safety Tips

  • Check Point Security also came up with a list of things to do to stop the spread of false news. Check out the tips below.
  • Be careful of fake news. Avoid and be wary of misinformation that spreads quickly.
  • Check the timestamps. Look for timestamps on content. You could end up sharing old, irrelevant news if you don’t pay attention to when the content was written.
  • Find out where it came from. Be aware of what you read, watch, or listen to. Where did it come from? Does it need more attention from you? Is it something that makes you feel very happy or sad? Are you being asked for money?
  • You should double-check the link you get. Always check the links you get. Are they from somewhere else? Is it going to be a copy of the page? Use sources that you can trust. Always get your information from trustworthy or official sources, not from people you don’t know.
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