How Can Employers Make Use Of QR Codes To Modernize Their Employee Hiring Process?

After the mass resignation in the fourth quarter of 2021, employers and HR managers are being forced to speed up their recruiting process to fill the empty roles their employees left.

Many recruiters are increasingly adopting current technology tools and software to automate how they screen the applications they get throughout the hiring season as they expedite their hiring processes.

Most tech-savvy recruiters are employing QR codes to modernize their hiring process and submission processing.

Recruiters can use a QR code generator that is available online to speed up their recruitment process and measure the number of candidates that scan their QR codes and submit their credentials.

How Can QR Codes Help Recruiters Improve Their Hiring Practices?

If you’re new to the recruiting industry and want to use QR codes to automate your hiring process, here are some concepts that you can add to your recruiting practices and modernize them.

Direct applicants to a video of the position being promoted

Recruiters might include a video about the work and the tasks they must complete to help applicants comprehend the role they are applying for. Simply transform the video into a QR code to swiftly onboard and anticipate applicants for the post.

They may easily include the QR code in their recruiting materials and allow prospective applicants to scan it and watch the movie before applying to your open position.

Allow candidates to access your company’s social media accounts

Assume your company is proactive on the internet and responds to inquiries through social media sites. In that situation, QR codes are an excellent tool to utilize when combining all of your social media connections and allowing applicants to choose which social media platform to contact and inquire about the job position.

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Allow the recruit to scan a QR code to be taken to a PDF file with information about the organization and its rules

You may quickly provide a PDF QR code that contains the file that your recruit will need to follow when going on to the next stage of the selection process to enroll them to the next level fast.

Recruiters can turn their files into QR codes and customize the design with their logo, border, and statement of intent.

Create a time-limited QR code for recruitment

Many recruiters experience a problem when posting a position online: the necessity to manually set the job post’s expiration date. Because most recruiters are preoccupied with their jobs and occasionally forget to switch off the job postings they make, some applicants continue to apply even after the position has been filled.

To address this problem, some recruiters use a QR code expiry option to specify when the QR code for hiring they post on their offline and online hiring boards will expire. They do so by choosing an expiration date.

Using one has the advantage of allowing them to update the information and expiration date of the QR code used for other jobs.

Request that recruits scan a QR code to send you an email

Assume a candidate has a pressing inquiry about the interviews you’ll be doing with them after you’ve received their resume and portfolio. Recruiters can use a QR code generator with logo software to create QR codes to direct candidates to create an email and send it immediately to them instead of opening the email program on their smartphone and manually adding the email address in the send-to field.

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They can print it in newspapers, government and public board recruitment spaces, and brochures.


Because most job seekers find it difficult to find work, the volume of applications a recruiter receives can be overwhelming and challenging to sort through.

Astute recruiters are now integrating QR codes to expedite their recruitment efforts and instantly filter the application forms they accept, alongside other staffing aid technological tools they merge, since most recruiters are having a hard time exciting and choosing which ones they must involve in the succeeding hiring activities.

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