How and why do I install a VPN on your PlayStation console?


VPNs are known to be massive on PCs and phones. They can also be installed on Sony consoles. A simple and practical installation that has a number of advantages, e.g. B. circumventing geographic restrictions through streaming platforms or accessing certain regional discounts.

Why install a VPN on my PS5?

Installing a VPN on your PlayStation 5 is not a crazy idea. And for good reason, you can use it to secure your Internet access first. Although the PlayStation 5 does not currently have an integrated Internet browser, it is of course possible to use all functions to access various online functions. By installing a VPN on your PlayStation 5, you can, among other things, bypass the geographic restrictions imposed by streaming platforms thanks to the SmartDNS function.

When you connect to a server overseas, you can get the local catalog of the platform you choose, whether it’s Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, or even HBO. Similar principle for accessing the anime available in the Japanese branch of Netflix. A godsend for series and film fans who own a PlayStation 5 and want to expand their catalog of available works.

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How do I install a VPN on my PS5?

Installing a VPN on your PlayStation 5 may seem daunting, but it isn’t. It only takes a few steps, nothing very time consuming. First of all, of course, you need a Surfshark account and a PlayStation 5. When this step has been completed, go to the “My Account” page of the VPN via your Internet browser. Click the Enable button in the Smart DNS box. A message with your Smart DNS information will then be sent to the email address attached to your account.

Now activated, your Smart DNS must now be installed on your PlayStation 5. To:

Go to the console’s “Settings”. Take the direction “Configure network / Internet connection”. Select your network (WLAN or LAN cable) and click on “Next” and “Customize”. Then go to “IP address parameters” which you configure as “automatic”. Check Do Not Specify on the DHCP Host Name page. Select “Manual” in the “DNS Settings” and enter your information in your email sent by Surfshark. Save the information, set the “MTU parameters” to “Automatic” and do not use “Proxy server”. Test the internet connection to make sure it works and restart the PS5 for the setup to complete. Now you can make the most of your installed VPN.

Your VPN is therefore installed and your SmartDNS is activated. You can therefore browse freely through the meander of the Netflix catalogs available worldwide, but also use regional offers from the PlayStation Store. Although installed on your PlayStation 5, your VPN can also be accessed from a computer or smartphone.

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